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Newbie to guilds not to GOW - resolved

Hello all. Been following the forums for about a year and finally decided to get an account. I’m a big fan of the PVP and guild changes but realized my solo Guild is not going to get me the last 600 level stretch by my lonesome. I am lvl 400+ kingdoms all 10/7 with 2/3 stars. Have 4000+ trophies and play frequently. Looking for guild and know very little except what I’ve done by myself. Not a great chatter but will do what I can to be productive. Any help or offers are appreciated.

PM sent :smiley:

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Join the Skyrunners, friend! Post your invite code and you’ve got a spot. We’re looking for active players. Have about 10 right now.

Any stats for your guild?

10 active players, ranked 618. Lemme get you the rest

Elite I ranking, guild is level 43

Check us out and let me know.

join DarkWarriors rank guild 103 rank pvp 303 180%gold bonus elite IV. Wea are only a few but continue recruiting every time to get higher. You are welcome if you want the guild is opened for people.

Hey @NeMEsis916 if you wouldn’t mind, please PM the OPs of old posts instead of necro’ing them if you really feel the OP may still be looking for a new guild. It really clutters up the forums and confuses everyone when you bring all of these posts back from the dead. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, didn’t see a resolution on those posts and they didn’t look that old. I will PM.

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Thanks, @NeMEsis916; I really appreciate that. And yeah, people are bad about marking their posts as resolved unfortunately. :slight_smile:

PS. Just a random tip from one GM to another: if you haven’t discovered Discord yet, it’s awesome. Another GM told me about it last week and I set it up for our guild and absolutely love it. With chat being down so much it’s been a godsend (and its free lol). :smiley: Anyway, thanks again and happy hunting!

Wow… Thanks for the tip… It does look interesting. I will have to dig into that and see how it works.

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