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The Elders are looking for a few people to join our guild. League rank 236. (PC/Mobile)

We are an active and friendly guild. We are often in the in game chat with discussion of strategies for weekly events (optional Discord too). We get 40k seals on mythic weeks, and usually complete weekly tasks. Our requirements are not difficult at all: 600 seals, 60k gold. (Most of us do contribute much more than that). If you’re a newer player, you don’t need to worry about gold contributions. You can focus on leveling up your kingdoms first.

Even if you don’t join us, I’d like to point out to anyone not in a guild that it makes a huge difference to be in a good guild. When I started the game, I took a long time to join a good guild, and I was missing out on a ton of rewards for all of that time.


If there’s still room I’d like to sign up. Still fairly new, Just made it to lvl 200.

We’d be glad to have you on the team. I’ll just need your invite code. Click the gear along the right side in the game, then you should see your code at the bottom. You’ll also need to leave your current guild if you’re in one now.

STEWART_QKE2 is the invite code

I got the invite sent.
Welcome to the guild!


I am very new (lvl 74) and still working through the kingdoms (just opened drifting sands). I’m still trying to figure out which troops are worth resources (I am pretty sure I wasted souls already) so progression is at a bit of a standstill.

If this is something you can work with, I’ll contribute the best I can.



I sent an invite. I think you’ll find the guild to be really helpful… With advice and rewards.