New Weapon: Bull's Edge


So this got stealthed in with the new Kingdom?
Not even in the forum’s weapon list :smile:


I’m torn on this one. The damage seems a bit low compared to the other dual-mana weapons, but there are so few attack gain weapons for the hero. I’d say this will do pretty well in arena.


It is green/red, a combo which so far didn’t have that great choices for dual mana weapons.


Actually, I love Order and Chaos, and I’d really like it better if it were a purple/brown weapon for which we don’t have a good choice in Arena. I also tried to see it in the weapon to know at which level it’s supposed to unlock, because I wanted to give the information to another player. But I do think it’s a pretty nice weapon overall.


My problem with Order and Chaos is that part of its ability - the extra damage - is useless in Arena, where there are no dragons.

And yes, I’d like some more choices for Purple Brown, Yellow Red and Green Purple.


Oops! Forgot to update the weapons list yesterday.

This is the weapon that appears in the weekly advanced offer pack for Wild Plains, so it unlocks at 40 Red/Green mastery like the other special offer weapons.

I’ll get the weapons list updated today! thanks for spotting that, guys!


@Sirrian or anyone that can answer my question:

Are there changes planned for the weapon delivery system to include those already at level-cap?



If you are already at level cap please send in a ticket and we will update your account so then you will be able to have the weapon.


We have something planned but it’s not in 1.0.7


Ah, good to know. :relieved:


I was wondering if you’d have to get yours manually :smile:
Mission of thread achieved.


Since I am well over 40 masteries, I wonder why I am getting this pack offered. :smile:
It contains Hydra (already got him from the chest), 3000 souls (currently stashing over 35,000) and 40 magic keys (got loads of them iron ones, which takes a bit longer, but gets the job done eventually). And even if would consider this pack, I received the Bull’s Edge for free after the last level up.