[Reported: Missing Sword's Edge weapon for Kingdom Upgrade]

On Nintendo switch, there currently is no way for us to obtain the weapon, “order and chaos.” The game responds to this in a never-ending loop of ingots from daily deals that is completely useless.

If you have issues with the Nintendo e-shop for flash offers for weapons, fix it. If you have problems with updating daily deals for more helpful offers, please get it resolved. If you are able to put this and the other 31 paid-only-limited-time offer weapons in the soulforge, that would be a welcomed surprise.

Since it’s guild wars week, I thought it would be the best time to reach out to @Jeto @Kafka or someone else to reply to this issue.

I’ll keep beating the dead horse🐴 till it’s been beaten, bruised, and bullied to the point where it’s no longer recognizable…


This feels like an excellent opportunity to point out that daily deals, after having been broken for years, were finally supposed to have been fixed in Update 6.5:

That was middle of last year. The “next week” has failed to happen ever since. There have been several attempts by the community to get an update on what is going on, which can best be summed us trying to talk with a potted plant. This really feels like a trivial matter to communicate for a Customer Experience team, unfortunately this one here is always too busy being absent.


Same problem with maugrim wood, and soon with all kingdoms :+1:

No news good news :+1:

Et les shadoks pompaient …