6.5 Update (Nintendo Switch)

6.5 Update (Nintendo Switch)

We have made an update to the Dungeon to make it feel more like players are exploring a dungeon, and adding new ways for players to interact with it.

  • The Dungeon Menu has had an update to have 2 tabs in the Menu. One for the main dungeon, and one for the new Dungeon Shop (see below).
  • Dungeons now have a Level that affects the difficulty of the Dungeon. The Dungeon Level can never go below 1 and can never be higher than 20.
  • Dungeon Level will also affect the rewards that can be earned in the Dungeon, so completing Dungeons on harder difficulties will give more rewards.
    • Shards +1 per level
    • Jewels +1 per 4 levels
    • Diamonds +1 per 10 levels
    • The Megaboss gives double rewards
  • Players will have 6 Dungeon doors to pick from, behind each door is either a Battle, Trap or Boon Room. Each Dungeon will have 3 Battle Rooms, 2 Traps, and 1 Boon Room.
  • Battles are the same battles that players encountered before with the exception of the final Boss for the Dungeon. We have added 7 new Dungeon Bosses for players to encounter, one for each Day.
  • These new Dungeon Bosses are Gem Dragon Mythic bosses, each themed to their Dungeon.
  • Players can now fight Dungeon Battles in any order once they encounter them in the Dungeon. (E.g. If the Player finds the Battle against the Gem Dragon, they can fight that before they do any other battles).
  • Traps will apply debuffs to the player in any future Battle in the dungeon for that day. Trap effects are reset daily, so Traps will not affect the following day.
  • If Players manage to defeat all 3 Battles without encountering a Trap, they will earn a Perfect Run which will earn them Dragonite, a new resource that can be used in the Soulforge.
  • Boon Rooms are 1 of 3 types of Rooms – Altar, Treasure or Stairs.
  • Altars are the reverse of Traps, and will grant a buff to Ally Troops in all future Battles for that day. Like Traps, Altars will only apply for that day, and are lost when Daily Reset occurs.
  • Treasures will give bonus Jewels for that day’s Dungeon. (e.g. A Treasure Room in the Dungeon of Fire will give Rubies).
  • Stairs can either go up or down. Stairs that go up will lower the Dungeon’s Level, while Stairs that go down will increase the Dungeon’s level.
  • Players can choose whether they wish to use the Stairs to change their Dungeon Level or if they want to stay on the same Dungeon Level.
  • If the player uses the Stairs the new Dungeon Level will apply to any unfought battles, and Treasures that have not yet been encountered.

  • We have updated the Dungeon Shop making it easier for players to find and view the offers.
  • Gem Bounties no longer require players to defeat a Dungeon Boss to in order for it to be available for Purchase.
  • We have added 3 new offers for players to spend Gems on to get resources for the Soulforge, including Cursed Runes and Dragonite.

We have added new Soulforge Recipes that use Dragonite to be crafted.

  • One of these recipes is the Gem Dragon Egg. This recipe will craft either Sapphirax, Emeraldrin, Rubirath, Topasarth, Amethialas or Garnetaerlin.
  • Two Legendary Weapon recipes require these Troops in order to craft them.
  • One Mythic Weapon that needs both Legendary Weapons to craft.
  • Crafting all the Mythic Weapon will allow players to craft the final Gem Dragon, Diamantina.

We have made some improvements to the Kingdom Dailys so that it will try to give players more offers better targeted for the Kingdom Power Level Tasks. We will continue to make further improvements in the future. We have also added some new offers to help fill in gaps that were not being offered previously. Some of these include:

  • Forge Scroll Offer
  • Epic Medal Offer
    • (This is similar to the Epic Medal offer that VIP players have been able to get but the price is different).
  • Legendary Medal Offer
    • (This is similar to the Legendary Medal offer that VIP players have been able to get but the price is different).
  • Mythic Medal Offer

These changes will be released over the next week.

We have 2 new Achievements for this update:

  • Practice Makes Perfect: Get a perfect run in a Dungeon.
  • Diamonds are Forever: Craft a Gem Dragon Egg in the Soulforge.

  • Weapons can now be sorted by ‘Tempering’ rather than ‘Level’ in the Weapon filter menu.

  • We have fixed several visual issues related to the new Conversation layouts.
  • We have fixed an issue where after completing several battles in Legend’s Reborn, there could be a soft lock in another game mode.
  • We have fixed an issue where having Ironhawk with the 3rd trait unlocked on a Team when the opponent’s Troops were Stealthy or Submerged could cause a soft lock when you cast a Spell.
  • We have fixed a visual issue where Guild Bonuses sometimes appeared deactivated in the Guild menu on a Statue even though the Bonus was active.
  • We have fixed an issue where the game crashed or soft locked when finishing the Broken Spire Quest line and then navigating to Adventure Path > Adventure.
  • We have fixed an issue on Playstation where players could get stuck in the Luther Autoplay tutorial.
  • We have fixed an issue where if a player had an old account but hadn’t met the requirements to finish the Adventure Path, the Adventure Path button didn’t display on the World Map.
  • We have fixed an issue on Playstation where purchasing any Legend’s Reborn Reward Tier twice caused the ‘Playstation Store’ icon to appear on every game screen.
  • We have fixed an issue where selecting the same Reward Tier Twice in the Legend’s Reborn Event causes a CLIFFY error.
  • We have fixed an issue where Souls rewarded from Gnome and Battlecrasher Loot, Adventure Board and Delve Room Souls were not being added to the Shrine of Treachery.
  • We have fixed an issue where the next Faction Assault was shown as starting in “%” instead of the correct amount of time if you had the Games menu open when the current Faction Assault ended.
  • We have fixed an issue when playing with a controller where you can select ‘Cast’ on a Troop’s Spell, then before selecting an enemy to target, turn on Autoplay, causing a soft lock.
  • We have fixed an issue in the Weapons Filter where Weapons could be sorted by ‘Amount’ despite only being able to own 1 of each Weapon.
  • We have fixed an assortment of smaller issues.
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Copy/paste can be difficult sometimes :wink:


But even on the official posts of your website, you keep it wrong (ALL Platforms):


:sob: We are waiting on the newer dungeons with stairs.

(Remember, announcement posts tend to be made slightly in advance)

Yep, my Switch confirms it updated the game. I see one of the splash screens is the Dungeon background now…

Thursday is a good day to receive the update.

The update came 3-4 hours before daily reset. Again…

I had more PRs on Steam then hoard mimics so far…
Dunno what you are pointing at

I have 1 PR. You can guess the hoard mimics…
And still I dont know, what you are refering to

Thanks @CaptainAwesome I’ve made sure everywhere we posted the patch notes they’re up to date.

Daily reset is at 5pm local time for the team so we have to release in our morning so that we have developers available in case any thing goes wrong.


I saw the new offer, but … seriously, 100 Gems for 15 Diamonds is an offer? Why? I know Diamonds are intended to be valued 5x compared to other Jewels, and I appreciate not changing the pre-existing offer (still 50 Gems for 20 Diamonds, 100 colored Jewels, Shards and some Traitstones) but it remains very clear that the 50 Gem offer is insanely more cost-effective for the materials given…

Pretty stoked about the update. Also, when is the full mythic/campaign crunch happening? :rofl::rofl:

I’ve always wondered why reset is 3am

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Not a bad start for the new boss dungeon system.

Day 1

This was before the server fix on Friday. I had opened the doors in 4-5-6-3 order. One trap but also, stairs!

I’m still at a point where I need all the colored Jewels for Weapon (and sometimes Troop) crafting, couldn’t care much about Dragonite (and by the time I actually do they’ll likely have expanded on the ways to get it).

Late to the discussion party, eh? Welcome in!

There was actually a serverside bug in the dungeon randomization (each door “X” could not contain a certain room “Y”) but they patched it literally two days after the update dropped for Switch.

There has been an official post indicating plans to expand the availability of Dragonite (e.g. Dragonite Gnomes) but don’t hold your breath waiting.

In the meantime, yes, the “jackpot or nothing” method of acquiring Dragonite is the biggest complaint because it makes the mode feel bad. (Which is to say nothing about the RNG of crafting Gem Dragon eggs, or the copypasta boss teams…)

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