Dragon fire weapon


He is the new kingdom weapon


I’m confused, who is?


Actually it was just added to the game, after seeing your post that you got it i closed my game, opened it again and got one level, reaching 510, and it was in my inventory.


@Ivar, That’s strange, I got it after reaching 1016, I didn’t close down the game to get it.


I closed and reopened the game just to be sure. Earlier the new kingdom wasn’t showing up, even after i bought and upgraded it to level 10 on my phone at work… So i closed the game on my PC and reopened it, the kingdom was there. :slight_smile:


I see that you do not want us knowing your in-game name…you sneaky little devil you. :imp:

I’m only joking ofc. :wink:


This weapons seems pretty bad, kill some trash then become dragon egg


Old habit from other forums, :sweat_smile: sorry, my in-game nick is Razzagor.


We put out a fix so Dragon’s Flame would unlock correctly.


Nimhain, will we ever get a wand/staff/something that allows us to turn troops into frogs/sheeps/goblins as some sort of negative status that can be cleansed/wear off at a cumulative 10% chance each turn?
:imp: It would be fun…


:open_mouth: How to obtain it? It says 40x Fire and Air mastery. All my masteries is over 80 and i didn’t got it?


Hmm… That would be neat. I imagine that’s not impossible to implement.



Just get a level. Maybe close and reopen your game before doing battles just to be sure and it will be in your inventory.

Even a cosmetic change and some reduced statuses and maybe some fun traits for each form (frog/sheep/goblin/whatever) would be extremely fun to see.

If some troops, the legendaries/mythics maybe, would have each one a “sheep form”… For example: Can you imagine a “sheepfied” Draakulis? A sheep with fangs and a cape… :joy:


That sounds very “Final Fantasy” to me, haha. I imagine that, relative to your expectations, GoW’s take on polymorphing may be imperfect, but any steps in that direction would be impressive.


You should receive next time you level up.


Well, i don’t know the limitations for the plataform of this game and it’s codes, but having dozens of diferent sheeps would require a lot of atwork and time.
So yeah, just a silly idea that ocurred me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Nim.