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Dragon Bow - new erroneous weapon?

I have this weapon - ‘Dragon Bow’ - showing up. It has no art, and text ‘tbd’ (first image). It has mana colours glitching (second image).

What gives?

You know too much. Please proceed to the next dark alley.

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I’m guessing it’s one of the following:

  • bow that kills dragons (deal 11 damage, double damage to dragons)
  • bow that looks like a dragon and shoots fire (deal 14 damage split randomly amongst enemies and remove all red gems to boost damage)
  • bow that shoots out an actual dragon (summon a level 20 fully-traited Sheggra and create 20 red gems on the board, take an extra turn)

I’m hoping for the last of those options, for my collection only. Everyone else gets:

  • bow that looks like a dragon and catches fire (deal 5 damage and set the user on fire)

Or it could be:

  • Bow that steals a dragon from the enemy
  • Bow that charms dragons, rendering them unable to attack you and your friends
  • Bow that you equip your dragons with, so they become dragon archers, forget their spells and are unable to use them because they don’t have opposable thumbs, that will teach them to be all majestic and stuff!
  • Bow that you gift opposing dragons for the reason cited above
  • Not the bow weapon, but the bow curtsey: once equipped, all dragons are awed by your magnificence and bow to you
  • Not the bow weapon, but the bow tie: once equipped, all dragons look fancy as s***
  • Not the bow weapon, but the instrumental bow: once equipped, all dragons become violin prodigies
  • Not the bow weapon, but the bow from a ship: once equipped, all dragons become pirates (or fishermen, no judging)

I don’t think it’d be your first idea, it’s too crazy. A bow that kills dragons? How far-fetched can you be Jainus?


I like how they write To Be Determined in their default description. xD

The bitmap for the mana symbol is also interesting – but looks consistent at least.

Isn’t there already a weapon that does double damage to dragons?

This is fun. I’m curious if this is an accidental preview of things to come in 1.0.9 or an accidental leftover from ye olde testing sessions. =)

Two even, well sort of. There’s Order and Chaos which is pretty potent, and then there’s Dragon Slayer, which… has a cool name, at least. ^^

In any case, there are no Dragons in The Arena, and no Weapons outside of The Arena, so unfortunately, these just gather dust.

No no, clearly it’s a Dragon Bow, a pretty pink bow made out of dragons. It grants you penalties to armor due to cutesy appearance but buffs your attack because you’re a darling little baby dragon, yes you are! Look at you being all adorable and roaring and OW MY FACE OH GOD THE HUMANIT-

My game hung up on downloading the 2 of 2 for this card.

^ Ditto. Soon as I leveled.

Behold! I found the actual weapon:

(sorry, I suck at graphic design >_<)


I had to laugh so hard about this. :smiley:

Future request?

I used Sunweaver to give it mana due to the weapon having no mana set to it. All it did was increase attack by 1.

I highly doubt that is something the weapon will actually do, but for now we have a 1 mana weapon that can raise attack by 1, which is basically an anti-entangle. It also blocks no mana, so have fun with the new glitch weapon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fairly sure we shouldn’t be trying to use it in its current state… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, but it was fun to try. :slightly_smiling:

It makes me want a weapon that has no mana affiliated to it. Instead, it would have to accumulate mana based on troop abilities.

Hey Guys,

This was a mistake that went out with the Event, when you next login you should find that it has been removed.

Hey everyone,

Much as we’d like to give you a Bow-that-Shoots-Dragons today, this was a bit of new content that wasn’t quite ready for release yet. You’ll see, next time you login that it’s been removed from the game.

The reason you all got it? It didn’t have any mana colors set yet, so in effect it required 0 mastery in all colors to acquire.
I’m adding a step to our updates that checks for this so we don’t give out strange unusable objects ever again!

P.S. @Archenassa. That is a work of pure evil genius. Much as we have GORGOTHA EVOLVED, we now need a quest line for Mist of Scales with VENOXIA TRANSFORMED!


Yesssss all the pretty dragons!