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New Weapon! Ice Dagger!

I leveled up and got this:

Did I miss release notes about this somewhere? AM I just lame and it’s been in the game for a long time? FIX ME!

It’s new. I’m not sure what the criteria are – and won’t know, until I get parseable game data again – but whatever they are, they seem to trigger on level up for sufficiently-leveled characters.

It’s a nice weapon!

That’ll be the standard 40/40 Mastery unlock for the new kingdom. See Mang, Bulls Edge, Burning Scythe, etc. I do like this one though, its nice.

I can confirm : every Kingdom has a 40/40 mastery weapon associated with it.
For mono colored Kingdom, it’s still 40/40, but the second color is random (if I remember correctly)

I got this wep when I leveled and selected water to 120 mastery

No matter what you’d have selected, as long as you already have 40/40 of the mastery, you just need to take another level (wich is why, last time, people lvl 1000 had to ask for devs to send them the weapon, this time… Well, there is lvl 1001 :o) )

It is a 40x weapon with purple and blue.

Just adding further confirmation:

Also it does seem to be the only new weapon added.

Any level 1000 Player who hasn’t unlocked this weapon, don’t worry! We’re going to send mail out with the weapon attached for you in the next 24hrs hopefully.

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@Nimhain hi DEV
I am 1000 level and I do not have this weapon


Sorry folks, we got caught up in 2.0 fixes.
We’re going to try and get this out to all the level 1000’s on Monday or Tuesday, as time permits.


All level 1000+ players should now see the Ice Dagger in their weapons list next time they login.

If you don’t see it, please contact out support team here: