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Ability to get old weapons

Will there ever be a way for people to get old weapons that they’ve missed? I’m a weapon collector and have been checking the $5 weekly weapon for about 2 years now and have never seen Order and Chaos available again (I missed it when it first came out)

Could some method be introduced so that players can get old weapons that they’ve missed? I know there has talk about it before, but I haven’t heard any updates on this for awhile. What are the current plans on how to address this issue?

Any insight here would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you! :smiley:

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Order and Chaos should be available during Sword’s Edge weekly Events.

Should be, but hasn’t been. At least not as the $5 weapon. Unless of course, we haven’t had a Sword’s Edge weekly event in the last 2 years. :cry: I know we’ve had Sword’s Edge events, but Order and Chaos hasn’t been the $5 weapon when we have had them.

Yeah, I feel your pain. I’ve been looking out for the same amount of time for Withering Touch.
I’ve got my $5 ready…
I really hope something gets done about this. Maybe multiple weapon packs each week??

I have waited 3 years for Fire & Ice. Ofc I had to miss out on it the week it was in the shop.

I’d vote for an “all you can craft” Soulforge week around Christmas. :heart_eyes:


I don’t believe we will get these old weapons other than in the 5$ pack… Since ages, devs said that they will come back, but I don’t believe anymore (like new GW troops, new weapons in the Soulforge, etc.)…

For info you can find my notes of the 5$ pack according to the kingdom. I missed Zaejin and for Sin of Maraj, it should be Tome of Sin, but I wait for confirmation.

Kingdom Weapon packs
Adana Wrenchmaster 5000
Blackhawk Skullblade
Blighted Lands Chaos Blade
Bright Forest Crescendo
Broken Spire Goblin Crusher
Darkstone Soultrap
Dhrak-Zum Fire and Ice
Divinion Fields Eternal Flame
Dragon’s Claw Prey Seeker
Drifting Sands Sands of Time
Forest of Thorns Yasmine’s Calice
Ghulvania Chain Flail
Glacial Peaks Nature’s Wrath
Grosh-Nak Skull Cleaver
Karakoth Staff of Madness
Khaziel Deepstone
Khetar Eye of Xathenos
Leonis Empire Merchant Blade
Maugrim Woods Crimson Insignia
Merlantis Undine’s Trident
Mist of Scales Kris Knife
Pan’s Vale Crescendo
Pridelands Sun Chakram
Shentang Festival Staff
Sin of Maraj
Silverglade Sun and Moon
Stormheim Frost Reaver
Suncrest Farsight Orb
Sword’s Edge Order & Chaos
Urskaya Bear Totem
Whitehelm Celestial Staff
Wild Plains Bullroarer
Zhul’Kari Spider’s Kiss

Zaejin is likely Boom-Boom.