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Weapons questions (Xbox One)

I’m seemingly having some issues with weapons in the game, and wanted to see if I’m just not understanding, or if it’s really an issue.

I’ve gone through the weapons list on the site here, and if I’m reading it correctly, you’re supposed to receive, for instance, Twisted Malice at Fire Mastery Lvl 20. Well, my hero is at +39 fire mastery, and I have no Twisted Malice. This follows for pretty much all of my other masteries as well.

I’m also never able to get new weapons in the weekly event packs, just troops. Is that an issue as well?


Are you sure you are looking at your hero mastery only not your total mastery? The weapon unlocks based on your hero mana only. It doesn’t count mana gained from being in a guild or classes.

I was wondering about that, but my hero mastery is +20 red, and there’s still no new weapons. The others are significantly lower, so that’d explain those.

They don’t do weapons in the weekly events anymore.

After a match it tells you your total mastery instead of your hero mastery. It is really annoying and will be changed to match PC soon. You sure no weapon was unlocked at +20 red?

Yeah, I’m sure. I’m at +20 fire hero mastery, and the strongest red weapon I have is the Bloody Axe, unlocked at fire mastery 6.

For the weekly events, in the weekly event description that pops up it mentions a new weapon…how do you gt those? Just playing through challenges and quests in that area?

I usually ignore the description so not sure. I would imagine it is in thr store for 4 or 5 quid

Just curious, are you using the Warlord Hero class? If so, that might be the reason behind your problem. The gem mastery from your Hero class increases your Hero mastery, but I don’t know that it is factored in when awarding weapons. It’s a possibility, at least.

Also, like Robert said, the weapons are available in the Shop (specifically in the Bundles section, in this case under the War and Peace Weapon Pack). I’ve never actually purchased a weapon with real money, but in the earlier days of this game, the weekly weapons were purchasable with glory. For what it’s worth, I would say War and Peace is one of the best Hero weapons you can buy.

Crescendo is one of the better purchasable weapons to buy along with Sun and Moon.

To find out your base hero mastery, go to the hero tab. On the Overview screen, when it shows the number for “hero” under a colour, that’s your base mastery, but if it’s your current class colour (for example red for warlord), you have to subtract your mastery level of the current class you’re using.

An example would be : if your overview screen says your “hero” stat for red is +40, but you’re currently a level 20 warlord class (+20 red), your base mastery would actually be only 20. Hero weapons are unlocked based upon your base number only.

As for the weapons featured in the weekly event description, they are ONLY unlocked by purchasing the weekly event weapon pack (usually about $5 - $6). It can be found under the shop tab in the bundles section. It’ll usually be the second bundle in that list.

Hope that helps!

^^ What @Demonitus said about hero mastery unlocks is accurate.

Persistent weapon unlock failure appears to be a commonly raised bug on console. This issue has existed since the release version of GoW on XB1, at least. You will have to file a support ticket with 505 games customer service https://support.505games.com/support/tickets/new to get it fixed, as likely it will not resolve itself.

In my house, we have had to create ticket requests in order to receive the following hero weapons:

Twisted Malice (unlocked at Hero Mastery Red/Fire 20)
Head Cleaver (Hero Mastery Red/Fire 25)
Summer’s Fury (Hero Mastery Red/Fire 30)

There’s an obvious pattern there… with Fire-based weapons failing to show up. All subsequent weapons (earned in any mana colour) will also fail to unlock, and will be backlogged behind the missing Red weapon.

Once the support team fixes your console account, you’ll need to level up one more time and select Red mana mastery again to obtain all the missing weapons. =)

Hold it right there! Why is this weapon pack even for sale?

No one has bother to mention that “War & Peace” is the one single weapon which can be unlocked in the normal game for FREE, by completing the Khaziel quest line and beating the end boss. Currently, there are about 5 purple-based troops in the game which are more than capable of winning this particular battle.