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New troop/kingdom idea!


@Kafka I would like to submit this concept for a new turtle troop! His backstory could be that he only emerges every 500 years or so. He’s a giant turtle that common folk think is an island and so they build a kingdom on his back. Giant/Beast, Mystic/Beast? Blue/Green? What do you guys think? Maybe it could be a new kingdom idea as well? His name could be Skjaldbaka …its Icelandic for turtle


That’s a seriously cool turtle xD


Love this idea! What if the Kingdom were only available at certain times and maybe they have unique residents that we can only find while exploring there?

Like gnomes, but maybe they could drop minor orbs? Just a thought…



This supplementary concept art could add a few more ideas for the kingdom. Please feel free to add to the concept! This is going to be a fun project to work on! Many possibilities and Stories! (Ancient-style) :turtle:

And perhaps this one too, depending on what kind of castle (on his back) we can come up with a backstory for. (Elven-style)

Or these guys could be his ancient giant turtle friends. With infinite knowledge of their respective regions of the planet. Eee!

I would love to see more turtle troops! Maybe if it had a world on its back it could be more of a support troop?


Screenshot_20180326-235052A whole world? Kinda like this turtle guy?20180327_003119

I like your concept, it looks like it would be really cool

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Isn’t this lion turtle from avatar the last airbender?

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I get a serious Terry Pratchett feel from this possible troop/kingdom haha


I think this started with the Hindu mythology of the World Turtle.

More good inspirational turtle art. One of my few 3-0 drafts was with Durdle Turtle here:


Me too. I would love some flavour text in tribute to him if a troop like this did exist. I’m sure Sirrian/Nim could make that happen (and they are likely fans or respect Pratchett if I know anything about them!)


Isn’t that Akupara , the World-Turtle?

a fave of mine xD


Even more concepts, doesn’t have to stop at one turtle troop/kingdom! Hehe… It could be Turtles All The Way Down! As well

Natural-made Turtle tunnels even! Haha

@Slypenslyde I love this MTG guy! Hes huge too! Mist Meanderer Turtle! Can be so huge his head is above the fog!! In the rainforests such as costa-rican or other tropical areas, cairns? Daintree forest?? I spent some time there studying in the bush with an aboriginal medicine tucker guide.

A little know fact: George RR Martin actually got some of his inspiration for his Game of Thrones novels by watching his pet turtles interact with each other in his garden at home. Could that have been where the author’s concept of the garden of deceit came from haha. (Reference to Tyrell Garden) :smile: