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Doctor Psycho
A psychotic doctor who preforms treatment to further harm the patient instead of helping them. As well as perscribing regimes that do the same.

24 mana purple/ yellow/red
Attack- Lowest of all mythics
Magic- Maximum 9 with all buffs currently in the game active
Health and armor- Mythic Average

Trait 1 - Skill swap - At the start of battle swap traits with the enemy in first position

Trait 2 -Self medicate - Burn, poison and disease myself (triggers on himself before swaping traits too)

Legendary trait- Crippling side effect- Whenever I cast my ability, stun a random ally

Ability -Operation exacerbate - deal 5 +Magic damage to all enemies inflicted with a status. Boosted by the number of unique status effects affecting the team. Boost ratio 3x.

Example- Troop 1 is burned poisoned and diseased, troop 2 is stuned and all 4 troops are frozen. That would be 5 unique status effects boosting damage by 15.

Only problem is they cant use it for legal reasons… You would have to sign an EULA

I like the unique concept of it but …
… I don’t really get the practical point, not to mention it is way too powerful in its current state for a legendary. It would probably have to get to Mythic.
In current form, you give a permanent stun to the 1st troop in addition to extremely powerful traits that are beneficial to you.

Because you probably don’t want random traits anyway (even though I agree it would be massive fun this way), and to get the effects you mentioned, you could just have the traits stay on you and be cast on enemy team.
Also - you forgot stun interactions. Of course, you can simply not pick a stun troop, but the interaction asks for unnecessary trouble and probably bad feedback.

In my opinion, one could play around similar concept as this is very unique and could be really fun but this idea in particular might be problematic to implement.

Yeah there isn’t a way for me to test it so It might need to be a mythic as well as a 1 time cast . I like the current design more because it allows for a lot of different team builds. You can run it with war, plague, webspinner, mab, jarl, creeping death,death, as well as stuff like dracos 1337. It also can steal impervious like traits away to allow you to effect the with status’s. Then defend teams might swap up their troop order to negate the traits swapping effect. I would prefer that they would use my design and just blance it around mana cost, stat values, and possibly a 1 time cast. The silence may be to powerful though, you could change it to stun or disease .

It can also be countered a bit by mass cleanse/barrier troops

Yes, it is definitely an interesting idea.

I think if we changed the secondary traits into something different, but similar nature it would be doable, really. But currently, it would immediately disable 1st troop. Literally erase it from existence.
It would get entangled, silence allies (or itself), and would not have any traits. Instantly.

So you won’t get the chance to cleanse it, because it activates at the start of the game. And by the time you are trying to cleanse it - the enemy team can already go Freezing and killing you. We are talking about 1 troop only.

I can see the burn poison entangle triggering on himself before he swaps traits as well as changing the 3rd trait to a stun.

I think the best way to design an interesting troop is to overload their kit, then tweak certain aspects here and there untill he feels balanced in the meta without completely destroying it’s concept. The only way to do that is to be a dev and beta test it.

I am kind of against that design of overloading a kit and then nerfing it.
… But I can see why people disagree with me. After all, it’s just my opinion.

And changing 3rd trait to a stun… Could actually make the whole concept a load of RNG. In a good way. Because it could technically stun itself, countering the effect of swapping the traits (which cannot be countered in any other way).
It sounds so bizarre yet thought out so perfectly. That really sounds sick, if you ask me. I’d love that troop.

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