You want a troop to do something that isn't in the game. What is it?

You know what I’m talking about. You have a team, but there is a missing puzzle piece. There’s something you’ve always wanted a troop to do, some niche to fill. What troop could come out that would really just give you goosebumps and make you say “Finally, this is what I’ve been waiting for!”

BUT, these don’t exactly need to be realistic. You could have some wild ideas. Here are some to get you started…

  • Trait: When troop attacks with skulls, it deals its attack damage to the second, third, or fourth enemy, but never the first.
  • Trait: Enemies that would start with 75% or more mana instead have their mana drained.
  • Trait: Gain a barrier after taking damage.
  • Trait: All poison damage is doubled or tripled.
  • Spell/Ability: A shield that makes the next fatal hit against the troop instead heal it to a percentage. If the next attack/spell would kill this troop, instead the troop is brought to 20% health.
  • Spell/Ability: The next spell another friendly troop casts has its damage doubled. Instead of giving another troop permanent magic, it’s like a “faerie fire” but instead a friendly one.

Swap a troop with the opposing team.

(this could be lycanthropy-level bad!)

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Make a dead troop come back to the game…


My spell can interrupt YOUR spell

(Don’t know if I actually want this, or just think it would be a neat, anti-loop mechanic…)

Third trait that gives 150% bonus gold in battle. We already have a third trait that gives 150% bonus souls in battle, Pharos-Ra’s Necro Master trait. So why not give gold the same treatment?


Trait: Silence all allies and enemies at the start of the match.

Trait: Stun and freeze an enemy upon receiving spell damage from them. (I suppose this would be thematic on a bear troop?)

I would like to see more defensive troops that can shift the meta away from ‘loop and win fast’.


Percent chance (i.e. 20%) to dodge spell damage (obviously, this would result in 100% for the AI).

Troop that says all troops are immune to lycanstupidity.
Troop that reworks hero traits and talents.
Troop that passively prevents your troops being pushed/pulled/jumbled/whatever.
Troop/s immune to charm (being charmed or damaged by charm or whatever).
Troop that makes poison useful.
Troop that removes the extra turn from Rope Dart or otherwise nerfs it into oblivion.
Troop with a 50% mana start for dragons with an ability that does something when the team is full.
Troop that is immune to skull drops that the AI gets from above the screen.
Troops/classes that have traits with scaling ratios (since +2 of something is pathetic in end-game terms??)

I was going to just go for gag ideas but some of them really aren’t. Who knew.

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  • Immovable: Immune to knockbacks, jumbles and pulls
  • Sponge: Soak up all enemy damage, but take 30% more damage
  • Spells that become stronger as more troops on your team die. “Increase all damage dealt by 150% if I’m the last troop on my team”.
  • Troops with anti class spells - Divine Retribution: Steal 2 life from all enemies every turn and 4 match if the enemy’s a Diabolist
  • Troops with anti class traits - It’s getting crowded in here: Whenever the enemy would summon a troop, spawn them at half health instead and deal 20 damage to the summoner
  • Release a burst of damage to my own team, the enemy team, silence all enemies, entangle all enemies when I die
  • Do something special on top of my regular spell when I’m in nth-position. Barrier, destroy gems, you name it.
  • Do something special when there are NO troops of type X on my team, the enemy’s team.
  • Do something special when there’s a hero on my team/the enemy’s team wielding a weapon of type X.

I really liked the storm ideas from a while back. No gems of colour X, Y, Z can skyfall during this storm. No skulls can skyfall during this storm. (Please make no lycanthropy gems can skyfall the default)


Trait: “Storm Enhancer” : Dropped gems will actually be the color appropriate to the colorful storm currently active, instead of skulls.

Mythic spell: “Tag Team” : A different team might be more effective against that opponent, after all. Replace the entire team with one from a different slot.

I really like the idea of “droughts” instead of storms, where a specified type of gem falls less often than usual. Also:

  • Traiter Dzho: Steal a trait from a random troop (could be ally or enemy) on 4+ matches
  • Game Changers: More troops with spells like Auspecia, but removing a different set of gems. She’s my favorite troop because her spell does something totally different and dramatically affects the board, but I wish there were other color options too.
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