New mythic troop idea

Jester. In face paint. From Darkstone.
Colors - Brown, purple, yellow
Mama cost 10
Magic goes to 15 at level 20
all team mates gain 2 magic. Heal.

Tricky! ( every time enemy uses an ability, steal 2 magic from that enemy, cause a random status effect )

He would have the lowest armor/ health /attack of all mythics.
He would be SUPER fun to play with. If anything, he will be a magic gainer for the team if he gets unlucky.
High risk high reward. And when he uses his ability, the sound it can make is just him laughing lol.
Maybe he can be the mythic for April as a funny random April fools mythic.

I will forever want a troop that has a “use any ability in the game” ability.
Any criticisms? :slight_smile:

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Trrop type would be Human/mystic

Picturing a defense team with 3 of them and either a gorgotha or a salad dragon. Every player cast would lower 9 magic, their spells would be useless fast

2, magic, whoops I meant for it to be the same as the gain

Multiples would still be exceedingly strong. Very neat idea, even though I’m not partial to random mechanics personally.

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Hmm… Oh! How about,
Tricky -
Every time an enemy uses an ability, steal 3 magic from that enemy and cause a status effect.

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I mean, famine can hit an persons magic for 3 points every turn.


Would this ever be a possibility? It would be such a fun troop

I see an issue with this spell (“ability” in this case). How would targeting work?

There’s a number of spells that have you target a number of things. Enemies, gems, allies, etc.
Unless you’re provided some sort of prompt upon activation of the spell, you’ve no clue what you’re actually doing. “Will this destroy/remove/explode/transform the gem(s) selected? If it does transform, to what color?”

If you’re targeting an ally, it could be a major buff, or a Black Beast devour, you’ve no idea.
The reason troops like Mimic or Mongo work even as they are is because they require no player input upon cast.

Selecting from a growing number of spells from the games entirety would be exceptionally confusing and would actually give AI a huge advantage, as the AI would actually know what spell they’re using.

I say stick with Mongo for the random kicks, lot simpler that way.


That’s the fun of it. You don’t know what will happen. The who reason behind it is you don’t know whether you will be using black beasts ability or a healers ability. You won’t know why you got to pick a color on the board or why you are targeting an enemy. That’s the fun of it. It will be like a novelty Troop with decent magic gain. That’s why I think he would be awesome for a April 4th release.

I’m all for this new troop if and only if it’s available for glory. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I thought about it being a rare or ultra rare Troop. But we have no funny / novelty mythics. Plus with that ability it makes sense for a Mythic to have that kind of power.
Maybe a foolish jester Stumbled Upon a rare artifact. That’s why I compared to other mythics he’s really weak. There could be a whole lore with him. Every battle will be unique…dunno if he will use Deaths ability or Bombots lol

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I’ve actually asked Sirrian about adding a clown/jester troop, so this is a pretty cool idea. Need to nail the spell/traits down but otherwise I would love this!

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This sounds a little like the Doppelganger concept that’s been proposed occasionally in the past. My take on it was something like this:

Mime (7 Red/Purple): Assume the spell and Magic of a target enemy troop. That spell replaces my spell (colors and cost). After the spell is cast, revert to Mimic.

(Obviously this would need tuning for the spell cost.) This could theoretically give you a repertoire of 7 spells in a fight, at the overhead of priming Doppelganger each time. Note that Mime would copy the Magic stat only; all other stats would remain unchanged. If that is too strong, perhaps Doppelganger would always have a fixed, low Magic score, which would limit his usefulness (some spells would be great to copy, like Sandstorm, while others would be mostly useless).


That’s sweet!

i dont like impervious troop that steals magic every time i cast, thats kinda too much considering he is also stealthy so i cant just kill it ANYHOW other then aoe-ing it down

you need to give him one (more) weakness beside low overall stats (coz his overall stats can go super high SUPER FAST due to spell and trait together and/or a small help from any other unit)

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Yeah I agree. Since it’s all about tricking enemies, how about lure?

Stealthy, Lure, and Tricky sure sounds like a trickster to me. :smirk:

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is “Lure” a trait? im searching but i think ive missed that one :confused:

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Oops no it’s one I sorta just created. It would work like Charm in a sense. You could do every time an ally casts a spell or on match 4 or 5 gems, 1 enemy troop deals a small amount of damage to another. Something like 3-5 points of damage.

You could even call it confusion really.

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sounds much more like a jester now

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