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Mythic idea! Unpredictable jester

He would be a jester of sorts. Magnus would have done experiments on him and he gained wicked powers.

Colors: Blue/purple/brown
His spell would cost 15 Mana
Spell: Jesters luck: Use a Random Mythic spell, whole team gains a random positive effect.
His traits
Jinx - Half gem masteries
Spell armor - reduce damage from spells by 25%
Jester blessing - each turn all ally’s gain 0 - 2 magic and mana.

Him not having a 20+ mana cost fits the lore since he became a mythic by accident. He would be mainly I support character with great benefits. Not to mention he would be the funnest troop to play. Not knowing if you are going to use Zuul’Goth ability or Queen Aurora’s is fun.
But his final trait makes him a really good support character for his unpredictability.

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