New Tower of Doom Spreadsheet for Tracking Scrolls

With a new Tower of Doom starting soon, I’m launching a spreadsheet that every Guild can use to track Scrolls in Tower of Doom.

Based on the work I’ve done for my own Guilds, and refined over many iterations, the Google Sheets spreadsheet is the perfect tool for maximising your Guild’s co-operation within the Tower and getting the best Rewards for everyone.

Google Sheets lets you start typing the name of the Scroll, then hit Enter to select from a list. Then the formulas automatically construct code strings suitable for both Discord and in-game Guild Chat. Key scrolls are clearly highlighted in distinct colours, and counted. And the colouration of the Tower is clearly displayed just by changing a single cell. (There’s some sample Scrolls filled in at Floor 51.)

So click the link, create your own copy, read the (short) instructions, set up the permissions, share it with your Guild – and watch your Guild’s performance and Rewards shoot up!

I’m always open to feedback, especially if you find some good tweaks that everyone can benefit from.



Thanks Starlite! Really nice and detailed; awesomely clear instructions on the first page for people new to ToD and spreadsheet/scouting processes.

I think the Scroll Totals table is a neat addition and should make it easier for guilds to track, share and discuss scroll distributions as was done in ToD Scroll Drop Rates, No heroism scroll in tower of doom and other threads.


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