Tower of Doom Spreadsheet


The model can’t be edited directly, this is intended to avoid people doing “funny business” to ruin it. But anyone can download it directly and then open your own Google docs to upload the whole spreadsheet and share with your guild. Just remember to use the Share options to allow your guildies to edit/input the scrolls located.

Each cell has a list of possible Scrolls to select with a single click, the special scrolls will be automatically highlighted following the Color Code i used. Here is a preview:

I hope 55 floors is enough for the guilds competing in the Leaderboard.

Edit: Expanded it to 115 Floors and fixed a small mistake in the floors numbers.


You’re awesome!


thank you very much that helps alot


As we approach another Tower of Doom event on the next week i think it’s relevant to bump this.

Read the OP, follow the instructions, make your own Google docs acc, upload and share the model with your guildies.

-> Don’t send me requests to edit the model or else i’ll send you very graphic pictures with sensible themes that will shock you. Like people holding hands and/or having fun with friends outside without using computers/tablets/phones… You’ve been warned!


Thank you very much Razzagor, this is really helpful! I’ll be using it with my Guild. Hope it brings us good luck :smiley: Thanks again!


You could send them really cheesy bird gifs, or reallllly cheesy christmas gifs.


Very well done! Thank you for sharing out with everyone!


103 floors to get first place in the last Doom.


Expanded it up to 115 floors, but it’s a simple edit really, just copy+paste the cells and all the formulas+formating will also apply.


Thank you very much for creating, and sharing this with the community. It helps fill an essential part of the Event. Communication and coordinating is key. This is a great way to consolidate, and organize the shared information amongst Guild mates.


Thanks Razzagor!!! :relaxed: Very helpful for lazy people like me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


Just a ease of use thing for anyone trying to use this sheet. You don’t need to actually download it directly and reupload it. Google Sheets actually has an option that cuts out the middle man.


This will get you to pick a place on your (own) Google Drive to copy the sheet to.


Didn’t knew about that, i added it to the OP.