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No heroism scroll in tower of doom

This all seems terribly unbalanced. There is no way any “competition” can be considered fair if guilds receive such different numbers of heroism scrolls. I got 7 this event, while some got none at all… :frowning:

As far as leaderboards are concerned, Heroism scrolls aren’t the ones that make a big difference it’s the luck scrolls. Heroism is like getting a bonus sigil but a luck scroll is like getting 3. If any scrolls should be evenly and fairly distributed for all guilds it should be the luck scrolls.

But as already said none of the scrolls really matter. The guild willing to spend the most gems wins, simple as that. May as well just base the leaderboard on gems spent rather than dooms killed. :rofl:


That’s essentially true for all events except guild wars… The problem here is that the rewards for winning all events except guild wars really don’t justify spending a lot of gems on it. These competitions are basically all for bragging rights…


Yes I’m happy to be in the best guild on Xbox where an investment of only 140 gems wins us 1500 gems every GW. ToD on the other hand has some guilds investing 1000’s in order to win 500? I don’t get it but to each their own I guess.

They already are. They are like Valravens in this regard. They are distributed equally one room every 5 floors or so.
We didn’t get a heroism scroll until floor 35. We’re currently #1 on PC/mobile. That could change before reset. But so far you’re correct.

To bring this up again.
They said in the latest patch notes:

Tower of Doom will now give out Fireball + Heroism scrolls consistently across all guilds

How is everybody doing with those scrolls? So far we’ve done 25 floors with 1 heroism and 4 fireball (2 of which were floor 24).

If there were a limit to the number of sigils each guild had to use for the event than I would agree to all the whining. But the fact of the matter is that it is just another pay to win event. Sigils are irrelevant when you can just buy more. Cap the number of sigils a guild can use and make this a skill based event and I will whine with you all.

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We got the same numbers of each, but apparently not in the same places.

Ours are looking good! We’ve got 4 Heroism and 4 Fireball scrolls from the first 25 floors, all pretty evenly spread out – so I was assuming it had been fixed as mentioned.

If there’s as much disparity as 3 Heroism scrolls, it’s a little disheartening – but maybe they give more to lower Ranked Guilds? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Unlikely, really, since that’s prone to being gamed.

definitely not fixed
tacets guild has 5 heroism from the first 18 floors
my guild has 2 from the first 25


2 Heroism in the first 25 floors here too :frowning_face:

It’s RNG based… So if our guild didn’t get to 50 floors then we’d be franked. But since we do. You can see the streaks.
Shocking that Tacet gets favorable luck RNG though. That definitely never happens to the biggest streamer of GoW.
Floors 1-66 we’ve had 8 Heroism scrolls.
Which is a 400% improvement from the last ToD.


maybe the devs tried to fix it but they set the interval to be to high, for example 10 heroism every 100 floors. rng can still screw you or work in your favor unless you clear all 100 floors.
instead, it should be 1 heroism every 10 floors. that way rng will be consistent for every guild


We got 2 heroism scroll in the 11th floor that was crazy


Expecting a response from the devs on this matter… SoonTM.

“Will be fixed in 4.3.5”? :laughing:

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Guess can say we got aswell a nice improvement from past 3 tods:

On top a decent amount of other special scrolls we also got an above average amount of luck ones (may be wrong but i smell there will be 1 on that floor seen the trend so far).

7 heroism & 8 fireball from floor 26 to 64.
So it seems numbers should even out in the long run; the catch, however, is that nobody is safe from poor streak in under 25 (that should give more later on) or good streak under 25 (that should give less later on).

As planned lol, first room of F61.

That make 15 lucks in like 60 floors.

But well, as earnham said even that osom rain of scrolls wont really help much for LB.

Whilst I agree that the drop rates should be consistent with equal distribution to all guilds, I really don’t think it matters any more. With the exception of LUCK scrolls, the rest are now largely redundant except perhaps for new players who may find the occasional fireball or heroism useful. Potions have finished all that in a heartbeat. Spirit Fox used to be an issue but not with barrier potions. Skill zero, pay to win essential. Crap rewards. Cap buy ins and give us an element of competition. Oh and scrap potions.

Yeah, defo the good old times before pots when ToD was 500% skill based and totally not pay to get more sigils and win was LOT better.

Sarcasm off

Funny how ppls blame pots for anything now like they are the of “scapegoat of the year”, wanna make for real ToD and event challenging? remove every weapon that work with scaling enemy’s but then 99% of EF owners are gonna quit the game lol.

What actually ToD need is have ravens reduced by a LOT is almost ridiculous, even scouting and all am still going (and am on floor 69 now) and stil lgot some sigils, basically the ratio is almost 1 sigil x 3 battles.

Prolonging ToD so much got 0 sense other than have you waste LOT more time without really changing anything eithe rby LB or prize or anything.

Gonna post full stats once finished but already for now am at 289 wins 1 loss out of 106 sigils total.

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