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New to game trying to figure out best team with what i got so far

been kinda mucking about the game winning more on luck then anything but kinda like it so figure ill stick with it. i do pretty well in arena and got like 5k souls this is my current collection


just trying to get a feel for what i should be running with what i have or what i should be looking out for on cards, i currently run royal engineer and paladin with faunessa i know not a great combo but seems to work but think its more by luck then anything

I’d continue using what you have leveled for the time being. Paladin is a good rare. Crimson Arrow has a ton of extra damage you can exploit at low levels. Luther is just all around strong, I found a lot of my early game ended up being very much skull based - plus he can help Crimson Arrow get that bonus damage. Faunessa is pretty efficient for an 8-cost and you don’t have to level her much. Just keep playing and keep getting more troops.

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From what you have Ranger and dwarven gate are two of my early favorites that you already have. Use a banner that helps fill ranger up quickly and it will carry you for awhile.

Run your hero along with those two and you have a solid very early game team. Use one of your hero’s weapons and a 4th troop to cover the colors that ranger and gate do not.

Also, be sure to save your gems to buy dragon armor for bonus gold. Also, join an active guild if you have not already. Lots of guilds advertise here on the forums or in game.

As time goes on you will get more troops and start to make teams for different functions, but for right now focusing on a good general team will do you the most good without spending much in resources.

There are some good new player guides out there or feel free to ask more questions! There is a ton in this game!