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Newbie Team Suggestions

I’ve been playing over a week now, but still rather new. My current primary lineup is Hero (Warlord’s Battlecry) - Elwyn - Rowanne - Rock Spirit, and I’m working toward swapping in Mang. It’s been working rather well so far, but I have a handful of legendaries and an ever-growing number of epics/ultra-rares, so I’m wondering if there are other good teams I could be running.

My collection is here.

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The dragon soul is a very good troop, at the beginning you will need a lot of souls, this one will give you that. Hero class dragonguard on first position, any other two dragons more and you should be fine.
Also look for “mace of claws” weapon, it works well with dragon allies.

I would try:

Dragon Soul
Fire bomb

Give Hero a weapon that doesn’t clash mana colors with your other troops. Fire bomb needs all 3 traits to be useful (starts with full mana) but he’s great at speeding your games up. Rowanne is your heavy hitter, try to boost her armor any way you can like earning some guaard medals from explore and equipping them on the kingdom screen.

If you don’t have Firebomb fully traited, but have enough to give Warlock it’s first trait, you can have him in 4th slot to help get a few extra souls.

Leprechaun > firebomb in nearly every case.

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Rowanne and Firebomb and the likes don’t really work at extremely low levels. You’d want troops that have boost ratio effects that are easy to trigger.

At your level, you need souls, so I’d focus on using The Dragon Soul (not in first slot), A hero with the Dragonguard class, and 2 more dragons to maximize The Dragon Soul’s damage.

Dragontaur, Dragonian Monk, The Dragon Soul, Hero with the Dragonguard with a blue weapon of some kind as a sample team.


With 3 guaad medals equipped (not too hard to get) Rowanne would be kickass at low levels.

I know but they don’t have him.


Are specific kingdoms better for obtaining certain tokens? I’d be interested in building up to the Medal of Guaard’s based on what I’m seeing here.

Thanks for all of the feedback on using The Dragon Soul, everyone. I’ll definitely look more into that. I don’t really understand the Firebomb suggestions though. Could someone enlighten me?

Firebomb blows itself up, generating mana in the process by destroying some of the gems on the board. Generally, it’s used to make teams go faster.

As for the medals question, exploring in any kingdom will do. The hardest Explore level you can manage to win will help you be able to fight Mythic bosses more often, and the reward for killing mythic bosses is tokens.

Get 3 Gaard tokens, it’ll make a Gaard Badge. Get 3 badges, and you’ll have a Gaard Medal.

3 Gaard Medals equipped in your global slots at the top of your screen, and ALL your troops will start the battle with +24 armor.

Good luck! :smiley: