New Potion Gems are not colorblind friendly on mobile

Every gem has a symbol associated with it, making it possible to play the game effectively if colorblind. But the new potion gems hide that symbol behind a glass vial visual treatment that makes it much more difficult to make out. On a large PC monitor or TV screen the issue is detrimental but can be overcome. On a smaller mobile device the distortion is just too much. I suspect some will be able to see the symbol on mobile, but if I was a mobile only player I’d be quitting the game today.


Hey @Gilheru

I have pass this on to the team!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


As a mobile player, I had no idea there was a symbol on the potions until someone on the forums talked about it.

Hope this gets resolved soon! I’ve seen a few complaints about the potions and being colorblind.


I posted about this in the campaign thread, but I’ll repost my Color Oracle screenshots here:


There is a symbol on the potions?

@JammieJams thanks so much for these! I must of missed them in the main thread.


Happy to help!

I think you’ve been depending on an unintended design element.
I am sure that the symbols on the gems are just for decorations and not to help the colorblind people. If the game would have been designed for color blinds too, the gems would have a unique shape per color. Or the game would have color blind mode where all gems would have a high contrast color and very clearly visible symbol. Like all white gems with black symbols.

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Exploiting? I don’t think that’s the right word. That implies it’s not right to use it that way…

Couldn’t find a better word but if you know one I can edit my post.
English isn’t my first language.

I hope this is fixed pretty quickly . We have a few color blind players in my guild family and they are having issues with this . The shapes in the gems help them a lot . Please pass this on to the dev team for future projects as well @Jeto


Actually a black and white theme for gems would be neat!
Black circle and white pictogram in the center, or black potion shape with the white pictogram.
Can’t be that hard to make all the gems support themes as festive skulls already exist.


Hope this will be implemented soon.

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why there is not a symbol for potions ? this is unfair for colorblind players.


This does not affect just mobile players. I am colorblind on pc, and can not tell purple and blue flasks apart. No amount of squinting helps.


am actually forced to play on ipad from before the potions bcz i cannot tell the purple from blue … now it’s even worse as i really cannot tell the blue or purple potions apart since the potions have no symbols on them as the gems themselves do (and am neither colorblind nor do i have any other optical issues) … possibly giving them a different shape would help … same a Junette i have a colorblind in my guild and i understand very well the issue bcz in WE i have to make a special post for him telling him the fighting order by giving him the troops names … i support the changing to shapes initiative or any other idea that can help out differentiating the potions colors

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The potions have the same symbols as the gems just “inside” the potion.

with all due respect then … safe to say i can declare myself blind … cuz i do not see that symbol … i guess it could be a bit more predominant :slight_smile:

I must be blind too. Where is it?

there is a veeery slight form inside the potions. u can see it (in the primary screenshot) on the green potion … that’s my eagle eye right there :laughing: on serious note i cannot see on the other colors lol and even the green is very very slight

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