The color scheme for the Jewels

Is it just me, or do anyone else notice, that the so call brown jewels are actually black?

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They look dark brown to me on my PC monitor. Color calibration or settings on your device might make it look different.

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I use four different device and it look black on all of them. No matter what color, they still get crashed.

I have problems with blue and purple, its only the differently symbols that helps me. No clue why they didnt tune them tho, it happens I misclick because I forget about the symbols…

When I first started playing and got troops that referenced brown gems … i thought uh oh game is going to get harder, until unrealized black is really brown lol

So do you want them to adjust the Brown gems so they appear lighter in color, or?


They don’t look black at all on my devices/computer.


it looks more black than brown on my screen. My screen is outdated long before 2012 tho…

This one 10 times better than yours. :grin:

Just call them black will work for me. Its not offensive.

ah but it also depends on the monitor/screen or colorblindness on what color you see.

The.screen shot I just saw loomed gray, I guess I’m a bit color blind. LOL

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I am a magic the gathering player, so the colors have always been black and white to me. I dont know why I cant shake it, but I still slip and say it when I am talking about either of those colors.

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