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Council of Chiefs - For a Colorblind

Hi, I’m colorblind, and I’m having issues with the colors in the new event
For me, green and orange look exactly the same, same for blue and purple, and light blue and grey, can you change a bit the colors or give an option for colorblind people? I would be really glad.


Some stars can be helpful too.

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Same here. :pensive:

You just made me realize some of the gems are brown stars. Eww!


While I hope the devs will address the accessibility issue, I can offer this:

Battles with Shade of Zorn and Gargantuar are Mythic (Blue)
Battles with Gar’Nok and Sol’Zara are Legendary (Orange)

Those are the battles that matter. The 5th group, Brawlmaster’s Horde is the epic/purple battle that I only play if there’s nothing else.


I have passed this feedback on, and have suggested we have stars or markers next to the battle symbols.


I feel you, OP. I’m looking at them and I can barely tell the difference. One is just slightly darker than the other. That’s not really helpful.

Honestly, that would be great. Having a “color coded” only system, is a real pain, when you’re color blind (like myself and the OP)

Agreed, Thank you

But Whats OP?

OP means Original Poster

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And sometimes, depending on context (if you see it in the future being used differently), OP can mean “overpowered”