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Potion Gems - fun or annoyance?


They are fun, but they are causing a bit of anxiety in me. As a novelty, I am loving it.


:joy: Fun & Anxiety . Beats the “Lycantrophy” for sure .


The question probably comes down to whether a player finds More RNG to be fun, or annoying…

…aside from the QA lessons not learnt by the company (e.g. try casting TGK on a potion).
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I can’t tell the potions from one another because I’m colourblind and unlike the gems they don’t have symbols to differenciate them.

So I gotta admit the fun part is lost on me.


They do have the same symbols inside the bottle, but it’s no very easy to notice.

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I am not colour blind and I still struggled.


@Kafka A thing to consider, please do. I have no suggestion for it though.


Thanks a lot ! I can see them on PC if I stretch the window large enough. No chance on mobile but that’s something :+1:


Yeah I was just wondering how they look on mobile, because I play on tablet and they are barely visible…

too much random. Just another annoyance thing


Before: Ok, I match those three horizontally. That causes the two gems above them to drop down and make a horizontal 4 match with the two gems next to them, I keep board control and get an extra move.

After: Ok,I math those three horizontally. That causes random gems to appear all over the board and maybe give my opponent a 4 match. So much for board control… :poop:


Haha…Your original casade 4-match will still happen before the Potion gems procs.

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Fun, it is a good change for once, lets keep adding fun things like this

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Can we have a turn off button to have fun without anxiety?

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Great fun here. Both me an uncle rambo loves these gems.

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I love them! It’s like casting a skill (create x color gem) through board movement.

Don’t like it was released with a bug Potion gems can grant first turn to AI but hopefully that will be patched soon.


They can definitely slow down the game. I think for the purpose of doing fast explores, it might even be best to avoid them. You can end up giving the AI 4-matches quite easily too.

If they could make them resolve faster and fix the graphical bugs they’d be sort of fine. They add variance, which is not what you want if you’re trying to play efficiently. Anecdotally, everyone in my top end guild is pretty annoyed by them.

In Explore, Arena, PVP & World Events, they’re OK. Had the AI gets some cascades. I got some cascades too.
Delves? No. One enemy cascade = loss. The AI gets enough skyfall matches along with the huge stat disparity, it does’nt need a boost in that department.
Guild Wars? Not only no, but Hell No!
Also noted it’s implementation that it’s never on the starting board, only can appear after the player takes their first turn. This actually usually gives the AI first crack at one, not the player.