Color Blindness

There was some talk months ago about addressing this.

Any progress reports on this, @Sirrian and @Mr.Strange?

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GoW already does a lot of the standard (and by that I mean “much more than is customary” - GoW actually takes crucial first steps toward addressing some of the most common issues that arise from color issues) fixes.

Were the specific issues that are still a weakness listed out anywhere?


The icons in the middle of the Gems are more noticeable, so I’m perfectly fine. However, there are many types of color blindness and with varying degrees of severity.

I just had a non-GoW related issue with my color blindness and remembered the old conversation on here.



Nice try, I see that clearly since I don’t see blue, but I see everything else normal.

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I only see a white circle is this normal?

No there is a lovely pizza there; potentially cream filled

Oh, cool, maybe you and i can share it together.

Will you feed it to me?

True love has been found.

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on a serious note: @Mr.Strange - i cant see yellow - so the blue and green are almost the same as are brown and purple. on my tablet its harder to tell them apart on my pc i have made changes to make it easier.

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