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For the people who think the colours are too bright!

Hi everyone.
This thread is a bit of a bug bear of mine. I’ve been into hifi and display technologies for a long time now and I still can’t believe how many people have their displays set incorrectly then complain about the picture!
Here are a few screens to show the potential issues.
Many people are either using game mode, standard or even worse, ‘dynamic’ when the most natural and cinematic image is movie/cinema.
Games are often developed with 2.4 gamma and D65 calibration in mind these days, so the best way to get a good picture is to just use the modes I’ve just mentioned. You don’t have to mess around too much, just change the preset.


Game mode with cinema preset.

Standard mode, vivid (dynamic preset on most other makes of TV) PS_Messages_20171213_144114

Game mode (movie preset) PS_Messages_20171213_144119

Awful retina burning mode again.
I’m tagging people who I think can benefit and pass on the word.
Please don’t blame the devs for incorrect display settings.
I understand it’s personal choice but in my humble opinion the colours are absolutely fantastic.


I didn’t know it was an issue with my tv I thought the devs made the game 1000 times brighter. As long as it doesn’t affect my PC I don’t mind today was the first time I’ve used my Xbox account in months.

These changes don’t fix the sparkles fireworks, they really are a huge eyestrain.


Only if your settings are incorrect imo as that only exacerbates the effect.
Although I read in another thread that you have corrected TV settings so I don’t understand this. Iike the extra effects.

My only complaint as far as colors go are the new name colors in global. I will get a migraine so RIP global.


Yes, I agree with that and for the amount of crap that gets posted in the there, that can only be a good thing imo

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i had my tv set on standard. never realized the ‘normal’ gaming mode should be movie. after switching to movie, your examples seem easier to view. perhaps i will give the game another chance after not playing since the drastic ui change burned my retinas weeks ago. perhaps i was unfairly in critcizing the devs, and yet, i play multiple games on standard display mode with no eye strain. and because gems hadn’t bothered me before, it doesn’t seem as the devs are entirely free of blame. other games such as WoT, gears of war, and mass effect have a sliding bar scale to adjust brightness until an icon is barely visible. i’d prefer that option than the mandatory switch to movie mode. still, thanks for the advice, i hope it might help, as i did enjoy the game before the ui change

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i played 4 quest matches on movie mode, unlocked the bard class, then uninstalled the game again. the movie mode definately improved the navigation buttons(yay, no more flourescent green), but my right eye still felt as tho someone punched it after 4 matches.

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I feel like some people need to just not play video games.

Thank you for your feedback and at least trying a different video setting and I’m glad people can see the benefits of it. It’s a shame it’s still too bright for many however.

This is a very ungracious thing to say.

We have many fellow players with health and sight problems that have real trouble with the new UI and effects.


Agreed, it’s a little bit like telling people in wheelchairs not to go outside because it can cause problems.

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