Base mythics border colour change and colour blindness mode?

Hi everyone!
With the vast amount of ascended mythics many people now have, don’t you think it’s time the base mythics had a different colour border so they stood out from the crowd? Gold, diamond or platinum or something equally dazzling! Oh, and whilst I’m at it, can we have the selection cursor that indicates which troop to target changing as well? It’s almost the same colour as the mythic borders!
Colour blind options would be good too.


Hello Dan, we have received the feedback to include more options for colour blind players in the past, and it is something we are planning to look into in the future.


Its the selection cursor in a battle that needs to change colour. Same colour as mythic border. I have also wondered about this for at least 6months now.

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Im moderatly colorblind, I have problems with blue/purple. I look at the gem icons, would be nice if I could see the colors differently, tho. I hope we get a setting for it in the future.

I’m not colourblind but think certain things need looking into. That selection thingy especially.

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