Mythic card colour


I know this might be redundant to most of the other players but I have noticed Mythic cards are a lighter blue than Ultra Rare, which is already a light blue.

I am colour-blind to blue and already have to struggle with some of the colour choices in the game. Is it at all possible to tweak the blue(s) of Mythic and/or Ultra Rare?

I see Legendary is golden, probably because the developers never imagined at the beginning that they would invent a tier above Legendary. I suggest a silver-ish colour (to represent platinum) or just darken Ultra Rare to a colour more like the blue Gems.


If I remember correctly they are working on a color-blind mode. Hopefully they can roll this into it as well but I think the mode is going to be for the board only. Hopefully they can see this in time! @Sirrian


Not entirely on topic but still relevent, the mythic color strikes me as really underwhelming.


i know… i know… we could do



I support your awesome idea. We need more pink. @Sirrian we need a D-VA troop!


I would understand this reference if Blizzard weren’t hoarding their beta invites xD


Open beta in a month bro! Get your fap towels ready!


As long as it isn’t a similar blue to Ultra Rares I could care less about what colour they pick lol.


I think it is meant to be Platinum, as a metallic upgrade to the Gold of legendary.


It does’nt help much when one are colorblind of what color it is meant to be, guild mate. :slight_smile:
I am also color blind and it is sometimes frustrating. I wish there was an option for color blindness. I’ve seen quite a few games with this option, and it really do miracles.


Oh I agree, just adding to why they chose that color.



That is exactly why I suggested platinum in the OP, because it’s the recognized metallic upgrade to gold.


PINK PINK PINK! nothing like it in the game… i love PINK! muhahaha.


You guys must really be colorblind because ultra rares are yellow!..jk


rares and ultra rares are my problem… the gold is dark enough or mixed with something besides just yellow that its kinda brown… and not white :slight_smile: so… yay!


Blues to me are kind of… static-y. I can see the different shades of blue unless they are really close. I can also “see” the blue in colours with blue in them, so I can tell if a colour has even the smallest amount of blue.

In my case, I wasn’t born with colour-blindness, it was a result of a severe concussion. So I remember what blue looks like and it was one of my favourite colours. :frowning:


my favorite color isn’t pink… its green. but my favorite unique color is forest blue. its like pine but its blue… the other is navy green…


Sorry for the blue ones @TaliaParks


Glad that you enlarged it, I was about to say “Oh my eyes”


Just for you @Macawi, just for you. :kissing_heart: