Legendary Nostalgia


It’s two days since the update and I already miss this thing:

The new way of mass opening is great, but it lacks some of the former
intrigue: that tingling inside, that short moment when you realize your legendary counter went +1 but you don’t see yet what it is: the stupid Goblin King or the elusive Crimson Bat :heart_eyes:

Anyway we can get it back? :sob:


i know exactly what you mean… :sob:


To be fair I am actually missing legendary troops completely now… so many troops are mythic, which whilst better, sounds worse, and isn’t accompanied by a big bloke with a sore throat booming the word at me…

All troops look the same again, can’t tell which ones were legendary, and those that started common and ascended to mythic have better stats (not that I can get my legendaries to mythic to compare).



Yeah, we can rant about change card balance, legendary cards downgrade and so on.

But I’m talking about something different, that “Casino” mini game, where you have to open those hard earned keys, counting ultra-rare/epic cards, cursing that greedy chest that just kept all the Legendaries for itself.

For me it was a substantial part of the game, that was making it more fun. Now it’s almost gone:
Opened 100 glory keys, checked the list, found 1 Goblin King, meh…

I know I can open one key at a time, but now all cards/stones look the same.

Give me back at least “Legendary Orange Splash” effect!


i actually always liked having the cards all be the same color,nice and uniform! and now they essentailly are the same rarity once you ascend stat wise maybe not spell wise entirely so imo they should be the same color.But i do miss the golden legendary splash color when you got one,it made you more excited untill you saw it was just a duplicate xD