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Colors(blue/purple) too similar for colorblindness

I especially have problems with the blue/purple, and the heat in the game, mistakes happens. And that happens even if the symbols is differently. I sometimes go for blue when my troop only uses purple.

I just want you to make blue lower color, or purple lower color so the different is bigger.

Thanks for reply,

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Any, Devs, please? :slightly_smiling:

I also suffer from colour-blindness, but with the Blue-Green spectrum and have made mistakes between Purple and Blue as well.

I’m 30, been gaming all my life, and have seen that 95%+ of games and their developers do not even factor colour-blindness into their games.

Best thing I have ever done is go through colour reassignment rehabilitation, taught me to recognize the different shades of blue and green I need to see to be able to work and game.

Yeah, I believe Devs can fix the colours so at least we all see them differently, what I mean is that they could make some colors brighter.

I am not colour blind, but when I am further away from my tv it is hard to tell the difference between blue and purple.

@TaliaParks in another thread (about sorting ascension and trait upgrades) the devs actually asked for colorblind input.

besides borderlands 2 and pre sequel, i haven’t seen a dev team that does it.

Destiny has many options for color-blind people. I am not color blind, but I have heard good things about it.


Drawing dev’s attention for ya.
I’m not color-blind, but my father is, so I can kind of indirectly relate to your problem.
Good luck!

Thank you! :joy:

I’m pretty sure Call of Duty and Star Wars: Battlefront have colour-blind compatibility as well.

Hey folks,

I miss the days when we had a colorblind engineer on staff - we used to catch these problems before they occurred.
We were fixing some blue/green issues yesterday, and I’m happy to put the blue/purple issues in our backlog for review too.

With the blue/purple problem, what kind of things help?

  1. Making purple darker?
  2. Making the blue lighter? (we have to be careful with that due to blue/green issues)
  3. Adding more red to the purple, so it becomes more “magenta”?

The ultimate solution is to have a colorblind mode option, but I dislike too many options, and feel colorblind mode might interfere with the aesthetics of the game… unless we made the SYMBOLS on the gems very distinct.

Any input from folks affected by this would be very valuable!

Thanks for your kindly reply.

My advice would be to make blue brighter/lighter.


i know for the blue/green and brown/purple the problem is the amount of yellow… i cant see yellow… for the blue/purple the problem is the amount of red…

what about changing the SHAPE of the gems? like the skull is now? or the source light for hte rounded button look. right now they are top right… maybe make the blue bottom left?

Think it would be too much to ask for, rather think make some of the gems lighter color would help.

too light and its the same color as green… so maybe darken green lighter blue? like sky blue and darker green?

https://www.pinterest.com/pin/156500155777940774/ has a link to the web based hex codes…

what about green being 006600 (4th column and 3rd row) and blue could be 0099ff (6th column 4th row).

It seems like you have a very rare kind of colorblindness, since you cant see yellow. Probably it is called Tritanopia - (http://www.colourblindawareness.org/colour-blindness/types-of-colour-blindness/)

The only thing I wondering about is if those other games that has an option for colorblindness, if that setting (on for colorblindness) cover all the 4 differently forms for colorblindness. If someone could answered this question it would be great? But for me it seems like we need another hook in a mirror from the option menu.

Changing the colors too drastically might make the colors for the other, without colorblindness, wicked - and difficult to see, also.

When that is said there could be a black/white option, that goes from white to black.

An option mentioned by @Sirrian;

That can mitigate any colour issue since I find the symbols too faded to see sometimes. If they were more distinct, then I could easily adapt to that.


+1 to the Distinct Symbols idea.
This basically jumps outside the box and completely circumvent any possible kind of color combos.
Many other gem-based games on app also take this approach, such as dividing the shapes of each color between square, circle, diamond, triangle (points up), triangle (points down), star… etc

it is tritanopia. I wasnt going to get into the techinical. :slightly_smiling:

i was playing with a screen shot… (granted it ms paint) a slight change… it darkens the green and lightens the blue… obviously the water drop has to change a little in colors too… so you can see it.

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I find the purple and brown (in too much light) to be too much alike. making the symbols more distinct would definitely be better.