New player observation

I’m an old school SWGOH player who quit about 2 months ago. I played for 6 years, pretty much since the beginning. It was basically the only mobile game I knew. And I was good. Got first in arenas and always hoarded for the new stuff. Eventually they added too much content the required about 3 hours a day when everything waa going on. Then some days would have nothing to do. And there is no side games to play. All or nothing. I have been wanting to quit for a while now, installed GOW and now am in love with this game.

Now to the point lol.

I am new so take what I say with a grain of salt. I spent a bit of time reading the forums and noticed usual complaints. I’m sure I would have mine too if I have been playing this game for years. But I can’t help to compare the number one game (for money earned) to GOW.

GOW blows SWGOH away. I am so impressed. You can even battle your own team in arena. We’ve been begging for this for years. Or even a sandbox mode where we can practice our teams yet the only way is to verse another player and risk losing big rewards just to practice.

Curious, anyone else leave SWGOH and find their way here? And if so, as happy as I am?

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It’s nice to see someone happy with the game for once. :grin:

If you haven’t already, find yourself a good guild. My whole game experience changed so much once I joined my guild alliance.

I didn’t come from SWGOH but from another match 3, LGOH - and boy, that was a greedy one. We complain quite a bit over here but over there you couldn’t properly play the weekly events if you didn’t pay real money every single week.

But I’ve willingly spent way more here because of how much I enjoyed and still enjoy the game and the fact that I can always play something if I want to.


For all that we complain it is still an awesome game. It many around that don’t have an energy recharge system (yes, OK some events have sigils but you can always play explore, PVP, arena) and no build times. The complaints come from love, because it is a basically great game that could be awesome with just a little bit more listening to players.

Sylverscale is spot on about the importance of finding a good guild. Finding a family of guilds that can support you as a beginner and then keep you in the family as you grow changed the game for me. I think our family is pretty full at the newbie end at the moment but we might be able to squeeze one more in if you want to check us out on Dominant. Otherwise have a look around these forums or in global chat to find a decent guild that is actively recruiting


Thanks guys! The amount to learn is very fun. I can’t believe how many character’s there are. I am getting used to that. I’m in a decent guild now but do know enough to jump to one when the time is right. I’m still learning everything but still can’t believe the unlimited gameplay. How much approximate time does it take a day for the top players? Is it possible to just do minimum some days? (My biggest gripe in SWGOH was when you had to invest 3 hours on a Friday. Hard for me to do more than an hour on Fridays but play too much all other days lol)

I don’t think there is an answer to that - people play anything from a few minutes a week to a few hours a day. It just depends on how fast you want to progress. My recommendation would be to try and play the Dungeon every day and check the Adventure Board for anything important (like deeds). Other than that, play as much as you like and find a guild with requirements that fit the amount of resources you end up with. The advantage of a family of guilds is that you can move up and down within the family if your play level changes without losing the friends you have made


Sounds good, thanks! Those are what I’m doing daily so sounds perfect. Last game would give the most important character during a weekend and it would be like here is the new meta. Pay a grand and hope for good rng. I had the worst weekend of my life with that game. Sat up once until 7am trying to get a character before the event ended. I hear you about guilds too. I’m still on discord with old one. We were tight like sharing real life stuff like tv subscriptions lol.

Yeah nothing like that that I’ve ever experienced in this game. Although honestly that’s in no small measure due to the fact that almost all new cards released are dross. Normally get one or two meta cards a year, and often they are not even the most rare cards. But no need to pay to win in this game - you can do perfectly well without spending a cent, although if you want everything as soon as it is released that will involve paying at least for the campaign pass

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Speaking of campaigns, insually play the most on Monday when the new campaign tasks come out and world event starts.

You don’t have to, though. If you don’t feel you need to finish those tasks as quickly as possible, you can take your time and play them over the week or even catch up the week after (as long as the campaign is still going).

Sigils from multi day events like world event carry over to the next day.

Delves can be “parked” so you start them and play when you have time. If you don’t, your 3 daily tries don’t carry over, though.

But in general the game is quite flexible with very little you have to do right away.

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These are complaints asking for improvement, we love the game but we feel it can be even better with little bit of improvement and bugs free game.
And welcome to the GOW community.