New Pet - Lovebird

New Pet: Lovebird

A new pet has been released, Lovebird. You can get Lovebird from the daily Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs.
Please note that Lovebird is a special event pet.



Gorgeous birdy! :parrot:


This pet could have gone to any kingdom but they give it to a kingdom with 6 pets already. Why not assign it to one of the many kingdoms with only 3 pets? :man_shrugging:


That could make it too easy to get 1 (2, or 3) mythic pets somewhere else. Who would want that? /s


Yep, my thought process goes like this:

  1. Ah, a new Cosmetic Pet

  2. Does it belong to a Kingdom where I’m likely to need to level more Pets to 20?

  3. No.

  4. Oh well, never mind…

Oh for God’s sake, can we please get rid of the worthless cosmetic pets? They add no value to the game. If we can’t get rid of them at least stop releasing them on Wednesdays and make sure a pet useful to the events of the week is put up then. You could have a Saturday pet event where you put out the garbage cosmetic ones. Even if they are for a holiday just put them on the Saturday closezt to the holiday. Keep wednesdays for useful pets.


New cosmetic pets on Saturdays could perhaps make that day useless for pet hunting during Vault weekends. Unless the schedule was always changed accordingly.

I could care less if it is a vault weekend, tower weekend, raid weekend, or bounty weekend. I participate in every event that i can. I’m just trying to suggest a way of keeping the worthless cosmetic pets, as im sure someone out there loves them fo some reason i cannot fathom, and still make EVERY Wednesday pet something worth having, instead of the Crapshoot we have now.

If you need a pet for a Kingdom Stars task and you have a non-cosmetic/non-delve pet below Level 20, you will receive (occasional) offers for that appropriate pet through Daily Deals and Arena rewards. And at a (gem) price point that’s among the better values for stuff offered through those avenues.

The problem isn’t cosmetic pets on Wednesdays. It’s the inability to get your hands on them outside of the rare full-day pet events and the occasional flash offer (for real cash). Which wouldn’t be that big a deal were there not kingdoms that require some of those cosmetic pets at Level 20 for Kingdom Star tasks these days. A problem that will only get worse given current paradigms.

If you’re an active player in an active guild, it’s not difficult to eventually get every “ordinary” pet to Level 20. Even with the volume of cosmetic pet Wednesdays. An active guild ought to generate a number of ordinary pet rescues on any given week, even if there isn’t a Vault weekend to encourage hunting.


No love here - the love for the player base has long flown away with other useless birds.

And fix your servers - you might get some love back!
They are loveless at the moment.

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Because they’re a fun bit of whimsy? which frankly is kind of welcome right now as a relief from the relentless grind of recent/current events.

You are commenting on a pet that was released in 2016?

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The way the date is shown is a bit weird - the pet was released this year.

But still, that was about 6 months ago. :sweat_smile: