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New Pet - Love Panda

Originally published at: New Pet – Love Panda – Gems of War

New Pet: Love Panda A new pet has been released, Love Panda. You can get Love Panda from the daily Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs. Please note that Love Panda is a special event pet.

Salty and Nimhain rn:

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4 brand new Event pets, 1 new Bonus pet, plus 3 event repeats in the space of 6 weeks is not acceptable.

(I may have my numbers slightly wrong.)

I ran out of Gems and was almost unable to complete the new Faction – and until something changes about Pure Faction L500, we effectively only get one chance at it. (Anyone saying otherwise is rather missing the point, on a technicality.)

Basically, the Pet calendar is too crowded at certain times of year, and this gets worse as more pets are added for each “holiday,” as old pets are repeated in addition to the new ones. It’s great to get the opportunity to collect more copies of old pets, but not at the cost of a new pet the following week.

Ideas for Improvement

Rather than just complaining, I’d like to make a concrete suggestion (or three).

  1. We do not need a new Event Pet for every single holiday every year. I suggest picking two out of four across the busiest period (Christmas to Valentine’s), and just repeating previous years for the other two.

  2. Do not issue a new Bonus pet in January.

  3. Consider extending the availability of old event pets away from the time of year with which they’re associated.

  4. Ultimately, when repeating an old event pet, give us a choice which one we would like to rescue.

For example, there are now 3 Christmas pets. Next Christmas, you’ll probably issue a new one, and then repeat one of the old ones. Let each of us choose which of the 3 old ones we want to rescue. (You have 10 months to implement this.) :smiley:

Final Word

I know this seems a bit trivial. But it’s one of those annoyances that, over time, contributes to that last, psychological straw that loses you players. Players who are invested in the game enough to want to buy your Campaign Passes…


I have a pet in my collection called <3 from Broken Spire which I rescued on Valentine’s Day 2020.

Because it’s cosmetic, I didn’t bother spending Gems on it, so I have two, at base rarity.

So it’s sitting there, right at the top of the list, doing absolutely nothing, it can’t be upgraded, just wasting space.



Obviously, you can upgrade it to level 5 for a handful of Gems. But yes, this is the case for most cosmetic-only, “Event” pets. The main attraction is that, if you like the look of it, you can equip it on your Hero.

OTOH, I’m a late-game player with a collector’s mentality. Pets are ultimately needed to upgrade the Power level (stars) of Kingdoms. Doing this is your primary source of Gems, along with other resources claimed hourly.

There are two structures in the game that make the maxing out of Event Pets somewhat necessary: 1) Factions (and their pets) are difficult to max after their release weekend; 2) Event Pets never feature in random Pet Rescues or the custom, Daily offers that you can receive when a Kingdom’s Power is blocked by the need for a pet. As a collector, I also want to max out everything I can, as efficiently as I can.

What I realised was that I often have a surplus of Gems. For example, I had 200 Gems after Duergaroth, yet I was able to buy Tier III of the World Event (250 Gems), 12 copies of Hoglet (about 1100 Gems) and 28 copies of Love Panda (about 2600 Gems). I did skip most of the Bounty Event (bought Tier III, I think, rather than Tier V), and I have 59 Gems at this moment. That’s crazy spending! And, I was unable to get Lucky Ox beyond L10.

The point is, I can usually afford to max any new pet immediately, thereby avoiding any reliance on the devs bringing it back in the future. If I’m smart (which I failed to be with Gobblekin), I can wait on leveling Event Pets and get Buff Pets more cheaply from Daily Offers when a Kingdom is Power-blocked by a Pet.

However, even with my crazy Gem surplus (and remember, I play enough to have every non-Campaign Mythic troop), even I was unable to max Lucky Ox on release, and cut it very fine with Duergaroth.

My Real Point:

There’s too many Event Pets between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, and even end-game players cannot keep up. But there are ways to turn this from a problem into an opportunity.

The simple solution is to max out the new ‘real’ pets but don’t spend any gems on cosmetic ones. You won’t need any cosmetic pets at mythic for kingdom power reqs.


That’s not quite true, @Fleg. For example, Shentang has 6 pets, but only 1 regular Buff pet and 1 Faction pet. I messed up Lyrasza’s Lair on release, and it’s one of the hardest Delves to do Pure Faction 500 without Potions (and this is even more an issue for new players who missed the launch weekends).

So once they add 4 more Shentang troops, I would be blocked from reaching 17 stars unless I can max an Event Pet.

I think the same thing happened with Mist of Scales, at one point. Admittedly, this is very much an end-game problem (and for those of us who like to max everything!).

Question is, if there won’t be another Buff pet for shentang before those 4 extra troops show up.

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Of course.

That’s why I cited the example of Mist of Scales, where many people did get help up.

And regardless, I WANT IT ALL! :laughing:

Interestingly, the only Types not currently assigned Buff Pets are Dooms and Constructs. That may be why we keep getting Lunar New Year pets from Shentang: the devs know there’s no current opportunity to release another Buff pet for the Kingdom.

Actually it is. Devs promised a long time ago we wouldn’t need to max cosmetic pets. Don’t ask me to find where they said it though.


I remember them saying that about weapons, maybe about pets – on-stream. So your point is valid.

But I reckon they’d be including the Faction pets, which can be hard to max. And they do change their minds.

Also, I’m just not seeing any remaining Buff that would synergise with Shentang, so who knows.

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A minute of silence for our fallen comrades, the promised:

  • Improvements to PvP mode
  • Treasure Hunt rework
  • Additional ways to obtain Forge Scrolls
  • Cap to number of events
  • Adding more mechanics to the medal system
  • Weapon trait fixes
  • Guild Wars rewards rework

It was an either or scenario I think.
Player could do faction pets or cosmetic pets.

I think I was having an argument with Salty about it. But yeah way too difficult to track down. So far she’s been accurate about it though.

And @Starlite the second the Revered Pet was released. The devs ruined the ability to have all the pets at Mythic Ascension anyway. So unless the goal is to have all but one pet constantly to level 20. I don’t see what the big deal is. Clearly the intent isn’t to use free gems. And that’s why they are cosmetic.

If pet masteries didn’t unlock chaos orbs. I wouldn’t even touch the fury franks to be honest with you. But damn the thirst for power orbs is real. Too bad 96% of the player base doesn’t even know that you can get a Power Orb from Major Chaos Orbs.

TL:DR @Saltypatra more players need to know that Power Orbs can be found in Major Chaos Orbs now. That has to fall in your job description. And it may help slow down the (in my observations) herd headed towards the door accelerated by the PQ3 announcement. Specially before a vault weekend. A special social media post perhaps. 🤷


There is a cap. There won’t ever be more than 7 days worth of events in a week. Of which we’ll be lucky to have 32 business hours addressed it to each week. :grinning:
And if something goes wrong during an event that week. We will get a response 2 months later from support about it.

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I could have done this when it was new, but there’s no way to upgrade the Level Cap unless it turns up again.

I’m trying to push all of my Kingdoms up to at least Level 15, but a lot of the time they’re Pet Blocked, so I need to spend all my Gems on boosting pets whenever a Rescue starts, but that leaves me short for other things…

This is the classic problem with GoW, you need the Resources to be able to max out whatever you’re working on, but by the time you have done that, the Resources are not that valuable to you (I was always fighting to get Diamonds to craft troops in the Soulforge, but now I’ve done that, I’ve got 12k plus which aren’t much use for anything!)

You could have put the full stop after “There’s too many Event Pets”…

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This is the point. You’re supposed to run out of gems and buy more.

The two times I bought regular gem packs were both after spending all on a cosmetic pet. The tactic works!

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They need to just make event pets appear in the same pool as normal pets. Maybe after a certain time, like 6 months after it is originally released if they want to take advantage of people’s FOMO for a while.

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If it appears in the pool the next day it’ll still be FOMO-ish. There are currently about 137 pets, 27 of which are faction, so 110 pets. That means there’s less than 1% chance for a specific pet showing up. Even if a guild keeps constant 24/7 pet rescues, there’s no guarantee as to which pet will show up or how many you’ll get without spending gems for extra. I.e. FOMO still going strong.

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