New Mythic Troop - Piscea

Yep I made it +10. It’s great for feeding Piscea, but I think you need a second damage source. You do chain fill Piscea at times, so I used Deathknight with Lightning Strike and Blue starting storm or Assassin with same, plus Hunt/Chill of Death. The issue is if you use 2 x TPK, then your damage is finishing off damage and or devour, boosted skull hits on hunter’s. That can stall out without Glaive. So without a second source of damage, you are looping blue and green for nothing if devour fails.

You could do;

AE damage source

I did run either two Piscea with that, Beetrix or Venoxia or Pan, all work. Maybe Archproxy works too, once you devour nothing survives a skull hit on hunt. I also used Enraged Kurandara, that has decent damage and easily filled as soon as Piscea gets going. Maybe Aquaticus/Mistralus works fine with all the blue.

The main thing you get with the Rod is the entire changing of the board, a bit like with Quetzalma but blue into green, as the Rod has leaf storm. So you can get a lot of random skull hits/wish gems too. I’ve just been playing it with Mistralus and 1 TPK only, with Barbarian. Seems okay, maybe even Draak works. :slight_smile:


many thanks for reply, yeah sure a slower team, but also thought of mistralus.
maybe HKI can also work from getting more and more attack from piscea, but will be even more slow.


Yeah HKi would fill and refill easily. Easily gets 100 attack too. Wild Queen would work I’m sure too.

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Just gonna say again it really does feel better when a mythic has the potential to actually be used in several team makeups. Lets give the devs credit for this one it is a decent troop that has great potential for use with current and future troops and is fun to use. Gotta love when your teams green and blue mana is filled it is still your turn and it pulls off a double devour to boot!


Let’s be honest, this is not a great mythic. But an endless succession of utterly useless mythics has lowered our standards to the point where even a semi useful one gets people all excited.


It’s the first Mythic I’ve been able to farm E12 since it’s release with a variety of teams, at a decent pace, that stops me dying from boredom with Venobee and co.

Your wider point exists however, we have had a load of rubbish lately :slight_smile:

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LOL Why do you believe that this isn’t a great Mythic?

Why do someone likes spagetti better than burgers? Because taste is not similar.

:crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Because they’re Italian.


Really? It’s a bit of fun for E12, but it only works with a narrow set of teams based on blue and green, and it is too random for serious play. I’m enjoying playing with it in E12 but certainly not a great mythic, just on OK/useful with a narrow selection of teams one.

Try Skroll reborn. It fits quite well, consumes the blue mana overflow and can be used even if there is no 4 match.

I think you mean Hatir Ascendant maybe? Skroll Reborn makes yellow gems then converts them to doomskulls. While he uses blue mana as well I cant see there being much use for yellow gems or having many on board. The Hatir Ascendant does make green gems but then he turns them all to lycan gems so he gets rid of the green you want when casting piscea. :man_shrugging:


Still better than a lot of the mythics we’ve seen the last 2 years, many of which you’d struggle to find a single use for :expressionless:

I’ve enjoyed Piscea, used it a bit in pvp, e12, some delves. Looking forward to finding more uses for him.

Besides, if every mythic was “great”, then at what point would they stop being great? If you design one mythic that overpowers everything & gets used in everything & anything you can slot it into, then… that makes everything else in the game irrelevant & useless.
Where’s the fun in that?


I agree it is not amazing it is decent it actually can get used and feels good when using it with the right teams. Always could be more troops that synergize as well as Venoxia does with it in the future Zuul Goth had to wait a long time before he got his Centuragon match and now they live happily together.

Well I think most of us can agree that we’d like a lot fewer useless mythics and more in the decent/good/great (but not totally OP) bracket. Mythic troops are supposed to be the top troops in the game so it is disappointing that around three quarters of new ones go immediately into the “I’d only ever use that if forced to by very tight event restrictions” basket

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Since some useful troops have been nerfed into oblivion lately, please also nerf Piscea. I’m getting tired of being completely devoured within mere seconds each and every time I have to go against someone using Piscea.

Despite having a 50% start and an empowered mana generator that fills my whole team, I got devoured again 4x in less than 20 seconds, this time in 3 turns. Sometimes it’s just 2.

There goes my winning streak of 1455 … :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Turn 1:
-Empowered start, all troops filled, extra turn, 4x attack
-Piscea filled and devoured my summoner after an extra turn

Turn 2:
-Troops filled again thanks to my generator, extra turn, 4x attack, 3 troops gone, Piscea alive due to devour in turn 1
-Piscea filled, extra turn, devoured 2 troops including my hero

Turn 3:
-Empowered troop alive, matches 3 gems
-Piscea immediately filled again in 1 turn, extra turn, devoured last troop

Where’s the fun? The other team was below me in level and team strength, I had 50% start and an empowered troop, the other team had none of that …

How about no?

We can’t nerf every troop anyone ever loses against. :sweat_smile:


This is not an appropriate thread to discuss this.