New Mythic Troop - Piscea

You’re being ridiculous. They won’t understand whatever you’re trying to do with this.

Nerfing all troops won’t make the game more fun and you know it. :wink:


No thread is. :sweat_smile:

But! But that was exactly the explanation for nerfing troops the last time… :thinking::wink:

Very well. The proposed change to make @Hayabusa happy: From now on, every troop will have the same spell as the Coin Purse. Only we’ll have to make it a much smaller number, like 1 or 2 instead of 20, as to prevent the game’s economy from getting out of balance. But nobody should then ever get run over by a single troop and its’ spell like that anymore.



One should better pick on those who praised pathfinder nerf first before touching other folks.

And, while we’re at that, Stellatrix (and other cosmic dragons) really needs a balance change.
I think changing spell to Deal [Magic/10 - 333] damage to all enemies and adding Give 42 to all enemy skill points to its current 3rd trait should do the trick just fine.


Too early, they’ll want players to gamble on those cosmic eggs for at least another half a year. :stuck_out_tongue:

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