New mythic proposal: Abyssal Hunter

Ok, description below. Have fun reading!


For the centuries Warlocks from Karakoth were practising their dark arts and kept summoning creatures from other planes to serve them. These creature would work for them, fight for them and eventualy die for them. But not this time… We don’t know what was the creature summoned by the Warlocks or where did it’s came from. Thing is, it left summoning chamber full of scraps of clothes and meat (what future investigation identified as at least dozen Warlocks), and disappered without leaving a trace.

Base Info

Name: Abyssal Hunter
Kingdom: Karakoth
Base Rarity: Mythic
Troop type: Daemon/Monster
Arcane: Beast & Dark
Motto: Predator has arrived…


Agile: 20% chance to Dodge skull damage.
Stealthy: Cannot be targeted by spells (unless there are not other targets)
Terryfing Abomination: Enemies hit by skulls have a 10% chance to run away from the battle.


Name: Cut and Shred
Mana cost: 30
Deal (0.5*magic + 2 target_armor) true damage to enemy boosted by Enemy Armor (2x). If enemy dies cover youself with Clock of Shadows.

Final notes

New buff: Cloak of Shadows.
Cloak of Shadows lasts for 3 turns. While active it provides a 30% chance of ignoring spell or skull damage.

Really interesting idea, although the 10% to run from battles seems incredibly overpowered, but fun nonetheless.

“Run from battles” is not a status effect, unless a new status effect “Fear” is created which would function like Death Mark (10% chance to kill is pretty much 10% chance to run away). In theory, “Fear” could even stack, since we all know there are multiple levels of fear, just like there’s multiple levels of bleeding. Reason I mention status effect is because of Invulnerable and Impervious troops. Would Zuul fear the punier Abyssal Hunter? Or would Zuul run away to hide in its dimension of madness until it was safe?

Also, Abyssal or Abyssmal?

The spell is definitely mythic level, akin to Zuul in that it would pretty much kill whoever is hit. Yet, it’s interesting that you both buffed and mitigated damage based on Armor, much like Tesla. I.e. you can instantaneously “kill” an enemy on skull damage, but doing so would hurt your spell damage which could have otherwise killed the target.

TLDR: I would love to see this troop, but “chance to run away” would probably need to be incorporated into a new status effect “Fear” so that Impervious and Invulnerable troops don’t suddenly suffer a huge debuff (Godkiller troops already serve that purpose).

Abyssal, fixed the typo. Thx.

I could see that also happen, but with other effect than running away. Fear not only makes people run away, but also to do things worse…

Version 2:

3rd trait: Terryfing Abomination
Enemies hit by you gain 1 stack of Fear status effect.

New debuff: Fear.
Fear reduces skull and spell damage done by troop by 10% for each stack. Up to 5 stacks. At the begining of each round there’s a chance for troop to lose Fear efect. Chance is 10% for each stack.

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This troop in this form is too powerful, even Zuul is a weakling compared to it.
Basically 10% instant kill on skull dmg, just like the assassin class.
Spell kills any enemy who haven’t got any significant dmg to armor.
Cloak of shadow is permanent barrier for 3 rounds, and would be active all the time.

I want to see magic dmg buffed but godlike troops aren’t the answer.

Imagine this troop in a GW def team, with 2 supporting empowered converters, cheating AI which can dodge with 20% 5 times in a row +30% immunity from, the spell. Can not be targeted to drain it’s mana like you can do it with Zuul


I can see that being nerfed to 5% or Fear effect being implemented instead, like in post above.

Nope, spell is boosted by target_armor, so it would deal only magic*0.5 to enemies with 0 armor on them. (but would basicaly kill anything that has it’s armor equal or higher than it’s life and no spell reduction)

It’s a 30% of dodging spell and/or skull damage for 3 rounds. Which can be dispelled like any other buff. I could also see that being nerfed to 25% or even less (like 10-15%).

And same AI, which casts Zuul on Indestructable targets. Or loops detect-o-bots until they explode…
Uses mana drain on troops with Mana Shield etc.
I can easily see this troop being used pretty crappy by AI (using it’s spell on barriered targets, targeting troops with 0 armor on them etc.).

You mentioned true damage. So that’s 2x Armor + 1/2 magic. So life at twice armor or lower would die, not equal to. Granted, Basilisk (a legendary) can usually one-shot a troop if it’s able to poison and stun it first, Webspinner/Savage Hunter/Baphomet can one-shot most troops with skulls if they can inflict appropriate status effect.

So yes, while its damage is useless if case after Megavore (or on an enemy that has already been damaged), it’s basically lethal damage without being blocked by troops that protect from lethal damage. If it were equal to armor, that would be more balanced (still very strong due to added effect, but a first step in balancing).

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