New Khaziel mythic idea

So we saw the state of Khaziel mythic and my general observation is that no one likes it.

He has 80% skull reduction for his third trait thats almost unnoticeable more then Gorgotha has. But gorghota also explodes gems and feeds the rest of your team with mana, while this new mythic just blocks 3 mana colors for a high cost spell that you wont use once you got him filled - so he doesnt block mana anymore.

Would you like him more if his spell and traits remained the same, but his third trait got changed to 100% skull reduction?

I think it would be very nice, and a proper fit for a tank mythic. He deals no damage so he isnt a danger that needs fast removal, and he is still open to devour and instant kill effects.



He’s Warded so can’t be Death Marked. So the only insta kill usable against him is Devour? Also Gorgotha can be stunned out of his Granite Skin, while Stonehammer can’t be stunned.

I’m not so sure on the 100% skull reduction (though I did spoof a hero class with it), since it would be impossible to damage him with skulls at that point, so you HAVE to use spell damage. Which isn’t bad per se, but could make for a very long fight depending on the team. And if you pair him with Courage (who he doesn’t block, and gets boosted by the burning enemies Stonehammer causes), you could see a resonably scary team. Add Jarl in at the bottom, and a gem converter like Hellcat and you could have a very scary team that would be quite difficult to take down, as you have to fill up mana to do it, and you might not have enough time with all the burning and courage/hellcat spam.

There are more instant kills effects, and i know he is imune to death mark. Other instant kill effects are 2 of heroes third trait, and 1 is draacos.

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I forgot about draacos, but in theory he should be immune to the two heroes traits as well since they would never deal skull damage. (Though I know there is a bug at the moment where they proc even while entangled, which would probably also apply here)

Oh and btw, you dont use skulls to kill gorgotha either, but spells too. Difference is that gorgotha can cleanse herself instead of being imune, and she has much lower cost and a better spell. So i think even with 100% gorg would be favorable troop, unless against pure skull damage teams.


If we’re doing this again, I am linking this here:

Except now he’s Warded, so no more death marking him.

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Warded and 80% dmg reduction didn’t win me over… 100% skull dmg reduction, even if NOT Warded would be better imo (suck it, BD), but I still wouldn’t use him.

What he needs is a decent spell, preferably a good one, but what he has now is totally useless for my play style.


i might go with the 100% skull reduction if it meant the “on skull damage” effects like some instakill etc are actually not triggered by this

i wish you were right that it is a bug concerning applying the effect while it should not not a bug concerning the trait text explaining the mechanic
however somehow i feel like devs would go for the text fix rather then mechanic fix in this case :sob:

so in case if the 100% reduction is not supposed to prevent from on-skull damage status effect, i dont really care for that increase, could stay 80% for some skull grind option :slight_smile:
instead i would like to see a new trait introduction that would be immune to instakill effects, temporarely call it “No Weakness”. even if it excludes death mark, id still replace warded with a no-weakness :slight_smile: (since death mark can be manually cleansed while the other insta-kill not)

we are yet to see immunity to insta kill effects (which is needed) and i feel like this troop would be the best one to receive it

Sounds like a very good suggestion :slight_smile:

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Call it “intuition” immunity to instance death.

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Further skull damage reduction isn’t new, interesting or inventive. A slab of dwarf that blocks three colours with a spell I’d never cast? For 80% reduction? Bah. Same old same old. I’d take Gorgotha for much the same effect and a spell worth using.

Moving it to 100%? Daft idea if you ask me. Still no different, and adds possibility from brainlessly broken counter mismatches. Fun though a flat block to BoneDragonTedium would be, it’d render pvp even more trivial that it sometimes is.

Rather than tinker with the math of yet another unimaginative skull reduction, let’s please get something new. And a spell worth having for three colours.

Aside: I did once suggest a 100% skull reduction trait: call it ethereal, take zero damage from attacks, but double damage from spells. That’d be a generic one for repeat use, not a unique legendary one. In two minds now if that’d be a good idea.

Maybe this 100% reduction does need to be re-visited, considering Enraged is now thing too.


Agree %100. Plus there’s damage via burn, poison, tentacles, omnipresent wisp charm, etc. Skull damage reduction is hardly worth anything

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Maybe they could add a jumble the board effect to the spell, it’s what the Stonehammer weapon does and he is wielding it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

He should get 100%, keep his spell but also get an extra turn.
He’s great with the right team, it’s just challenging finding one and the colours are problematic but I’m pretty happy with the one I have him in.
I came across a stonehammer double courage and mercy team, that was OK, but imo he works best with highforge.

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Yeah I traited Highforge with this weeks stones, so my dwarf team just got faster:

King Highforge

Hoping there is a dwarf hero class so I can swap out Runesmith. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Swap runesmith with another hf :wink::wink::wink: I spent 4k gems to mythic hf and boy it was worth it.

I only got the one mythic Highforge. :wink:

Let me know how you get on when you get another.


Have used Courage in last or Lady Ironbeard. She’s great!