Fog Eater - new Mythic troop

A new mythic creature - Fog Eater

is too much ? weak ? the last train it seems nice?

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My opinion? Too strong.

I get the base concept, that it is a hard counter to skull damage teams. But that trait is (to me) a massive overreaction in that area. It’s the dodge rates of Agile (20%) or Dextrous (40%) taken to a significantly higher plateau, plus it nullifies a strategy of using Rope Dart or something with a similar effect to pull a particular unit to the front and skull it to death, plus it raises the possibility of self-suicide through skull attacks.

And where’s the counter to this guy in the endless iterations of “Rock - Paper - Scissors” strategy? You’re stuck dealing with that troop’s 3rd trait short of dropping Curse on him first and then Stun after that because of Impervious. Without a viable counter, the new meta becomes dropping this guy in the back of a team just on that trait alone, knowing that the one trait is enough to swing the balance of power immensely.

A decent (but not outlandish) spell on top of that, even if that spell in part reduces the efficacy of that third trait? A first trait that’s also pretty good? A mana cost that’s lower than a huge number of other mythics, many of who have largely useless spells?

For starters, I would say that Impervious has to go away. No ifs, ands, or buts. Stealthy would be thematically appropriate and would in turn create a pathway for an opposition team to counter Fog Eater or at least diminish him.

Dense Fog has to be tweaked in some fashion as to not make it game-breaking. To me, the idea that three out of four skull attacks from the other team do me no harm at all seems wildly overpowered. I don’t know what the “right” percentages would be, but the game gets turned on its’ head when one troop with one trait has that amount of impact.

Arcane should probably be replaced with a “typical” near-useless trait that we see on most troops. Maybe one of those “gain 1 Magic for each Green troop” sort of deals.

I just think it’s too much. Maybe even “way too much”.

Great Mythic everything nice but the 25% chance to attack a random character. I mean you try to win a fight and a troop has a trait that sacrifices another teammate to get stronger. And now this, the troop has a chance to hurt a character at random? What Character? Serious does that seem like something you want when you already have a 25% chance to attack a random enemy. Why not put 25% chance to heal at full health. Or put for the last part after the 25% chance to attack a random enemy put All Deamons on my team gain 45 Attack when i die.

I just wanna mention that he has a unique trait to change the target of skull attacks randomly, with luck the enemy is even able to hit their own team, but at the same time his spell reduces the enemy attack, making his 3rd trait weaker.

Are you sure you’re not already working on Gow?