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New mythic proposal: Avatar of Seth

Name: Avatar of Seth
Kingdom: Khetar
Mana color: red/purple/blue
Troop type: Divine/Undead
Description: Rivers will run with blood.

Alert (Immunity to silence)
Arcane (Gain +1 magic when an ally casts a spell)
Undying (Immune to Poison, Diesase and Death Mark)

Spell (24 mana): Hemorrhage
Deal (5 + magic x 0.5 + 2x bleed stacks) true damage to all enemies boosted by bleeding enemies. Give Bloodthirst to all allies.

New buff:
Bloodthirst -> Troop will deal double damage, if enemy is wounded.

Just some ideas for devs to consider. Also tell me what you guys think of abilities/new buff.

That’s zuul colours. Nobody who has zuul will even contemplate your suggestion. Sorry.

You forgot the most fun part — designing a unique mythic trait! :smile:

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Specialy for you @Magnusimus alternative trait sets:

Will of Seth (10% chance to summon a random Fang Moor troop on match 4/5. Gain 2 magic when troop is summoned.)

Blood Sacrifice (Steal 2 life from enemies and give 2 life to allies on match 4/5).

Pick whichever you like more :wink:

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At one point I agree: Khetar needs another Mythic, more useful than Pharos-Ra.

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