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New Mythic Ishtara is HORRIBLE!

Oh my. I don’t know where to begin. Most pvp battles end with multi-turns. 50% per turn is not very useful. I feel Vanya legendary is better at Blessing.

Ok. Let’s just say Blessing isn’t Ishtara’s strength. What else does it offer?

25 mana cost gets you very mediocre All Damage. Below average 8 gem creation. And the boost ratio from Blessed is only 1:1?? Are you kidding me? 1:1 is a JOKE???

Ishtara must have at least one of the followings:

  1. Bless everyone or at least Bless yourself!
  2. Much better ratio 4x or 5x to be worth it for damage and getting Blessed and gem creation
  3. Heal some health as a hybrid damage/support troop
  4. Based gem creation is 12 yellow

The current version of Ishatara is really a joke. And why are we still not nerfing Queen B and Gobtruffle? These two should at least cost 20 mana each for gem creation, damage and utilities.


Boost ratio on Ishtara is for its Gem creation. 4x/5x would be out of hand. 8/12/16/20 or 8/13/18/23 yellow gems created…

For 25 mana cost, I don’t think it’s going to be that out of whack. Ishatara needs a severe damage boost and more gem creation. Right now the dragon is not good at ANYTHING. It’s a pretty horrible hybrid for 25 mana cost.

It needs to Bless All when casting it to be a decent support.

It needs way higher damage for 25 mana.

Those that want Yellow gems will find Moon Rabbit being better. It blesses first one and heals and converts and fast start.

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I could be on board with removing the gem creation and replacing it with a heal – kind of like a troop version of Dawnbringer.

If the gem creation were to be buffed, to say x2 per Blessed ally, it would max out at 14, which would have the potential to be pretty annoying with repeat casts.

Replacing it altogether seems like a much better solution (and as is, 8-11 gems with set up required is a bit hit-and-miss and uninspiring).

Can somebody explain the logic that Queen B and Gobtruffle can create 16 or 22 gems with only costing 16 and 17 mana? A mythic that costs 25 can only create 8?? Who thinks this is balanced?

Whenever I see and play Queen B and Gob, I feel this game could be so much better without these two multi-turners. Most Support troops suck because they never have the time to even support.


Well they just released a boss troop that’s equally as useless and said they’re not reducing the cost or fixing the troop.

I wouldn’t hold your breath on them fixing this average at best troop at all.

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This is what happens when you put road mapped content on auto pilot and have the majority of your team working on the next gen console version.

The only things getting fixed are monetized content. “Even if you ask nicely.”


I disagree. I’m using the new troop going through new delve…

It works great because with Potion of Blessing, everyone already has Bless, so I’m making 11 yellow gems right off the bat! Fantastic looping with a Lightstorm.


Yeah fine, but can you replicate that setup in a non event match?

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Some troops have niche uses. That’s okay.


Wanting a troop to work in a mode you want it to work in is not an issue with the troop, but rather an issue with your theory crafting.

Igniteice is right, some mythics are niche and that’s completly ok. In PvP specifically you need to go with top counters like obsidius/beetrix/zuul or other heavy hitters and protectors if you want to be successful. There isn’t a large list of mythics worth playing in PvP, especially not T3 PvP.


Creating 11 gems isn’t that amazing with a mythic that costs 25 mana and average damage.

All Bless works well with any troop. The fact that you need a Potion to make it decent says a lot about how BAD Ishtara is.

Yes, some troops are niche but this one just doesn’t stand out. If I want a lot of Bless, I may go with one or two Vanya and if I want my first Troop to be blessed, Moon Rabbit is way better and cheaper.


Devs accidentally put the first 4 letters of the new mythic’s name in the wrong order.


HITS? or we get the Balverines!

And why would you want to use a team that is slower and more tedious than others? I mean sure, you can slot even a mediocre troop in some teams and make it work. Doesn’t mean that you would ever voluntarily do so as there are MUCH better options available. But hey, I’m ok with that.

For this event, she worked really well going up to about 200 delve level, and would still work, but I switched to Zuul’Goth. I’m not sure why you’re so upset about her. She can indefinitely loop during a Lightstorm with 3x troops blessed. That’s very fast.

So the design team’s answer to bless falling off Ishtara’s cast and falling off the front troop if it grabs a skull is to make Ishtara a front line troop.


Still could use a better 3rd trait, but clever

THISara? lol
yea, i also dont like the new mythic, doesnt feel mythical at all.

I think the legendary released earlier this week is more of a mythic than this mythic.

on the other hand, the new faction troops looks great