Flame of Au might be

Flame of Au might be the worst mythic IMO. Ishtara isn’t great but the dragon at least has a very good synergy with Luna/Moon Rabbit and Stormcaller class.

This Lion is HORRIBLE. Unless they make Burning matter more during higher levels, its base damage is pathetically low even after all the bonuses. Yao Guai can do over 100 damage easily on TWO turns because he convert gems. Mind you, I do think Yao Guai is extremely overpowered and needs to be nerfed.

Hell look at Emperor Khorvash. He does True damage and Stun and Drain. If I want Faerie Fire, I would find someone from Bright Forest.

This Lion needs to at least Stun or Drain on first two enemies or he does True damage just like Emperor of K so they have more synergies.

Or how about just Burn and Faerie yourself when it casts!!! That’s simple enough.


Have you seen Fallen Valdis ?


Gargantaur and Shade of Zorn would also like a word, provided someone can coax them out of the corner they are crying in.


I don’t have Fallen Valdis but yeah, she does look sucky. lol

Ahahaha, the title makes me laugh good. Flame of Au.

Au in Norwegian means Ouch. Flame of Ouch… Right, it hurts to see such useless mythics as this one.

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Burning is useful at higher levels for any fire talent class at 100(triple skull damage to burning enemies). Def a mediocre mythic but there are many worse.

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