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Mistralus - another bad Mythic on the horizon! Make it better!

Click on the picture to see all the details.

Can you please consider changing the main ability for this Mythic troop?

Looks like a good troop to me?


Mythic, it can be half started by TMQ. It can synergise with Frostmage for Lord of Storms, Lightning Strike, Freeze and you might pair it with Feys from Glacial Peaks, or 2 other Elementals plus say Frostmage hero, which make decent stat enhanced teams.

So I could see a team of say TMQ, Gobtruffle, Mythic and say hero with a purple weapon like Reflection of Good, Doomed Scythe, Fiend Fire - Frostmage being very effective. 2 extra turns in there, brown to Mythic, sources of curse/burn, chance to loop with either EOE or R of Good and Gobtruffle to Mythic -> jumble and Extra turn. Enchant all, not too bad, imo.

And of course can use it pretty well with Daughter of Ice, Orb of W, Mythic, Skadi, Mab or Frostfire King.

I’m actually more concerned about the next class with 25% chance to apply random death mark on 4/5 gems. I can already see L&D with that class… As if we not got enough of a ‘casino’ with death mark already.


I think Mistralus’s active ability has to be somewhat bad to compensate for that insane third ability. In the hands of a competent player, their team will be perma-enchanted. That’s incredibly good, and far beyond the ability of any enchanting unit to date.

An argument could perhaps be made for lowering the cost of her ability by a point or two. I would think that she would not be placed in a team for the damage on her ability, but rather the emergency board reset while still keeping the turn. Still, that’s just a bonus on the top of the teamwide passive enchant trait.


Mechanically I don’t think she is bad. She is just not my kind of troop to play… I don’t like random stuff, exploding the board and dropping buttered toasts on the floor…


Not a fan of the 25 mana cost, but I’m interested in trying the troop out.


Indeed, although it colour blocks Rope Dart for example, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility of pairing the Mythic with Gobtruffle and Rope Dart (Monk) for 3 troops with an extra turn AND a potential loop from Gobtruffle to Mythic. Your 4th troop could be TMQ, or you go with an empowered cleanse of Mercy at the back, also feeding the Mythic. 25 mana cost is a tad high though, as pointed out.

Pretty easy to counter with freeze/banish of course, but it has some utility to help mana starved teams.


I think any troop that loops on itself with a secondary effect is immediately and extremely valuable. Add in the 3rd trait and I’m very much looking forward to this one. She sets up her own 3rd trait (how many times have you seen Wisp take 15 turns in a row?) and deals damage, and keeps her turn. A troop doesn’t need auto-kill or skull conversion to be good.

Immediately getting hostile when you don’t understand how something works is a bad coping mechanism. Wait until the troop is out and then make a complaint thread stating what you don’t like about a troop to open up a discussion if that’s your intention.

I was on board with some of the community feedback toward the end of last year, but post-4.8 it almost seems like the new mentality is hate first, think later, dev bad. That’s a good way to get all feedback ignored and close us off from a dialogue with the developers about what can be reasonably improved and what would make our experience better, which I believe was the original intention of these forums.


I think that in events, with potions, she could pair quite well with Shabanu.
Cast Shabanu, fill Mistralus, cast Mistralus, repeat.
With a little luck you can win in one turn


Her ability is amazing. She does on average more damage than Infernus, rearranges the board, then gets an extra turn. Her 3rd trait is good, but the current meta is so fast that enchant isn’t as useful as it should be, but still, it’s nice.

If she’s released like this she’s easily A tier. Potentially S tier even, though her lack of ramp holds her back. Honestly, she’ so far from bad that I wonder if I have been baited and this is a troll question, and you’re actually angry about the other recent, genuinely bad mythics.


Her damage isn’t reliable or predictable, that’s a big weakness. Her base damage also isn’t very high, that’s a con. However, she can hit multiple targets multiple times, making her excellent against barrier and reflect for example. Against reflect her low damage per hit actually becomes an advantage.
At a quick glance I wouldn’t call her an allround powerhouse, despite an amazing 3rd trait, the randomness makes her unsuitable for many high end modes and teams. In the right conditions though, she’s definitely a worthwhile mythic.


they already “buffed” it before release by changing her color from green to brown. sure somebody out there appreciate the opportunity to pair it with gobtruffle and absorb those extra brown while having guaranteed extra turn and enchant them at the same time.


Am I correct in thinking there’s a 50/50 chance of doing more damage than Infernus?

Deal [Magic + 4] splash damage to 1 - 4 random Enemies
9 Magic Base

Deal [Magic + 10] splash damage to 2 random Enemies.
12 Magic Base

So Infernus has +18 base on a Mistralus that hits 2 random Enemies. A low level person may do less damage on the 3rd hit too.

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Ignoring splash effect, doesn’t really change anyway.

Mistralus average damage (2.5 hits)
13/hit, 32.5 average +2.5x magic

44 +2x magic

Mistralus average damage shortfall is 11.5 - .5x Magic, so damage breakpoint is 23 magic from guild, GW sentinels, kingdoms, renown, and troop buffs.

Mistralus needs 6 magic from all that to beat Infernus with 3 hits (19x3=57 vs 28x2=56.) I’d rate this as highly likely to happen before getting access to both.

This analysis is ignoring the other effects of the spells and their traits. Burn all on 4+matches is good for removing barrier/reflect. Exploding 5 gems is unlikely to produce an extra turn; while Mistralus’ jumble+extra turn helps loop, it’s anti-synergy with the enchant all trait.

Remind me… What’s the point of the Spoiler category?

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So long story short, Mistralus does do more damage 50% of the time (unless you’re very new player)

Coupled with the jumble and extra turn and the sweet 3rd trait I would have to say she would be at least A tier. The OP has 0 chance of getting a buff for this troop.

For the mods to move this post to when they eventually catch it.


@Koromac Please elaborate on why you think this mythic is bad. This is the first mythic since December’s Vespera that is worth blowing keys on and I am very excited for her.

  • High damage potential. 75% of the time does equal or greater damage than Infernus.
    • On average, should do 25% more damage than Infernus
  • No loss of turn on cast
  • Chance for match 4 on jumble and triggering all match 4 traits
  • +8 mana to whole team on match 4
    • Enchant is not as good as it sounds because it requires ending turns, but it’s still nice
  • Guaranteed extra turn plus passive mana generation means you can stick her in last slot of any team and she will work
  • Is a hybrid of Infernus, Aurora, and TPK with passive mana generation and splash damage

Monday’s changes increased her base damage and increased her mana cost from 23 to 25. Given the above, the nerf was very much justified. Misty won’t be overpowered, but she will definitely be meta and will be used for guild wars.

Enchant is not insane as it requires turns to pass to trigger. IMO, her trait is a nice bonus, but the real benefit is decent damage on top of guaranteed turn back and minor board control that is likely to trigger match 4 traits.


I agree with the OP, Mistralus needs to be buffed.

Those are rookie numbers, you gotta pump those numbers up.