New mythic in chests

In case you didn’t notice it ingame:


Alas seems to have been significantly nerfed from spoilers. Mana cost went up from 26 to 30, no longer creates 3 gems before converting and 2nd trait halved. I’m struggling to imagine scenarios where it wouldn’t be better to use Wrath


Wrath doesn’t create an Uber doomstorm when an enemy dies. King Bloodhammer summons a Doomstorm when an enemy dies. Pharaoh Hound summons a Bonestorm when an enemy dies. Those are the only other two.

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Wrath also isn’t immune to mana drain and silence. Yvrenda is a pretty nasty doomsday clock that keeps on ticking, once the spell goes off and aligns there’s bound to be high casualties.


Cool Archproxy Yvendra lore:


I just tried it out. 8 turns for the storm, 1 uber doomskull fell…

Think this one goes into the useless pile. What are we up to now 15 useful Mythics and the rest just moldy carrots to chase?


Was there no official announcement of the release in the forum or did I just miss it? There has been before right? Guildies just started to have Arcpr… thing and I figured it’s new…

Definitely not useless. @igniteice knows exactly what’s up on this one

Most effective use of a storm generally requires board disruption to get larger number of gems to fall. Nuke the board with Thrall or similar and tons of Ubers will show up.

That’s actually the new team I’ve been using for Explore 12.

With Dark Fey Banner (+2 Purple, +1 Yellow), you can fill Thrall with one purple match. The opening Firestorm will generally allow you to get an extra turn and fill Zuul’Goth very easily, triggering the Uber Doomskull. I think it’s a pretty fast team compared to my previous one, which had Leprechaun instead of Thrall and King Bloodhammer instead of Archproxy Vyvendra.


I used him with the Flammifer, thrall, Zuul - slayer team.

Tried it a few more times. Not seeing the amount of uds falling like they do with bone/doom storms.

The whole idea of that team is recycling the board to cast Zuul. Then Flammifer is enraged and hitting burning enemies.


One quirk with the Uber storm is the Uber skulls don’t fall normally at all, as regular skulls and doom skulls do. That may explain why it seems “less” to your eyes. Without the storm there would be 0

I came up with nearly the same team, except I chose guardian crown for the cleanse if I catch an entangle or freeze on the hero. Either way super fast and I agree I think Thrall is more reliable than the leprechaun after you get the first purple match

I used it a bunch last night, it works, but I think I prefer just having Flammifer, Thrall, Zuul, Leprechaun.

With enrage and 3x skull damage to burning enemies, there really isn’t anything that can’t be 1 shot by a 3 skull match in explore 12. Zuul makes enough skulls to kill a 2nd troop after his cast and normally you will get another kill from falls, and sometimes wipe the whole team out with his first cast.

This mythic and even bloodhammer seem over kill.

Just my opinion. Overall I have to say it isn’t useless, better than most recent Mythics, especially the added yellow convert, although we have several weapon/troops that do that already. They could have used another color, but hey its IP2. I’m just surprised it didn’t release broken. I guess that is a plus.

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The issue with this one is, much like Doomstorm, the gem kind ratio is much too close to “normal” with Uber Doomstorm. As in, fewer total skulls (counting all types of skulls) fall from a doomstorm compared to a skull storm, giving you less of a chance to find another converter cast (even with other skull or doomskull converters) or luck into an extra turn cascade if you didn’t have perfect alignment with your Archproxy cast (which is a common occurrence if you want to use this troop with any kind of speed). Zuul setups still have synergy (in large part because skull spawn plus freeze, a critically important part of Zuul’s kit that generally gets missed during discussions about these builds, because it can whiff and you usually won’t lose your big damage).

As of last point to my knowledge, an normal doomstorm has 12.1% skulls and 6.9% doomskulls, for a total of 20% skulls overall, up from the 12.9/1.4 total 14.3% skulls overall. Bonestorm has 25.9% skulls and 1.2% doomskulls. To my knowledge, the reason for the percentages is because a storm will superceed normal gem spawning rules a certain percent of the time and spawn another gem instead, and it will do that regardeless of which gem was going to spawn. So, normal doomstorm simply has a 5% chance to change whatever was going to fall into a doomskull, whereas a normal storm has a 15% chance to change whatever was going to fall into that color (or a skull) and even dual color storms raise the chances of both (however, the replacement check is in a specific order, resulting in whichever is second in this order having a lower chance). A full board clear with normal doomstorm results in an average of 3.5 additional doomskulls dropping and 0.5 less skulls dropping, with the benefit that each of these doomskulls that hits at least gives up to 9 more chances to spawn another one, which helps if your win condition is literally three more skull matches. Any other situation? Doomstorm is absolutely abysmal… it was way too good when released (likely as the 15% direct replacement, but for doomskulls), but it was tuned down twice and the second one was overkill.

At this point, it is unknown how much uber-doomstorm raises chances of uber-doomskulls replacing other gems, but if it isn’t at least 5%, it is probably counterproductive compared to doomstorm or bonestorm. Honestly, for anything other than a Zuul setup, most especially just running her as the heavy hitter on the team, she would probably be several times more effective creating a lightstorm than an UDS.

I’m thinking that unless you can get the setup to actually cast her to effectively delete the first enemy (not likely as an opener, but does this ever happen even as a closer) or UDS actually on average cascades more distinct skull hits than bonestorm or Doomstorm I don’t see why the Zuul setup is faster or more consistent with her over King Bloodhammer. Consider that maybe Thrall is the key piece change in this setup that had any potential to significantly impact speed, and this mythic as bait dressed up to seem more appealing or effective than it actually is. “Uber Doomstorm” sounds so menacing, but in my experience so far, it has been every bit as pitiful as twice-nerfed normal doomstorm - maybe the same percent chance with bigger explosions, so slightly better if so, but almost certainly a detrement if you haven’t already hit your win condition right now.

So, as for the troop as a package and not just a storm-bot, I’m disappointed about the removal of the spawning of three extra yellows before converting them all into uber doomskulls. While I dislike RNG dependent troops, its nice to have the option to gamble a bit on a potential upside. Using her spell at this point where you don’t get way more out of skulls than your opponent, aren’t already ahead/can’t kill most their team with random stray hits, or don’t have perfect yellow > skulls alignment (and even sometimes if you do) easily spirals because of just how un-stormlike uber doomstorm is. The extra effects of her spell - curse, poison, and web, are completely unsynergistic with her design and seem just stapled on “because spider”. Her mana cost at 30 wouldn’t be so bad if her storm didn’t completely stifle mana production after it went off.

First thing I tried was various Ishballa > Yvendra setups and the biggest thing I got out of it was already available setups assume less risk, have less setup time, and work better overall. I actually kind of regret not testing these builds without her UDS trait beforehand, but the fact that even an Ishbaala primed board is frequently devoid of a 4+ yellow > skull alignment kinda tanks using this for me as sometimes I have to cycle a few boards just to get a converter opening.

If anyone hasn’t already traited her yet, I recommend trying her in a yellow-flood build with a yellow storm and seeing how it pans out. Wrath’s damage output is too low once enemy HP gets to a certain point to be worth it and he can’t kill off one convert, but Archproxy probably can. Maybe its worth using if you don’t have Zuul or are trying to level your yellow classes.

Regardless, it is nice having a mythic that is at least worth discussing at all. I can barely remember what the last two mythics were.


Very good points all around.

I should do a test comparing all of the different teams. Maybe time a few runs for each to see how fast they all are.

So… I think I can say definitively she’d be better on her own if she had a yellow storm trait instead of UDS, possibly better with no mythic trait at all.

I’m testing using the following:


With my Doomed Staff only being +5 and even with the essentially dead slot of Skrymir just to overwrite UDS on kill with Lighstorm on kill this already outperforms and outdamages any setup I’ve tried to use that gets a board refresh between the time you kill the first troop and when you can win immediately.

This makes me sad. Usually I hold off traiting mythics until I can test them fully but this is the first one that even looked appealing on paper in a while so I wanted to dive in. I feel like this has cost me a lot of relevant yellow team theorycrafting which is like 90% of the enjoyment I get out of this game anymore. Hopefully someone will stumble on this thread before they trait her and at least have some alternative teams they can pull out and have fun with that perform adequately rather than using her as a stormbot.


Archproxy Yvendra still slots into my former Auspecia/Enraged Kurandara team, even with that 3rd trait.

Doomed Axe - Archer
Archproxy Yvendra

Uberstorm + Hunter’s mark = random popcorn might lead to a kill.

Now using AY in a GW team that I’m happy with is a different story.

Too slow on Yellow day, too much overlap on Purple day, and not enough synergy on Brown day (no, throwing random skull converters in doesnt count as synergy).


We really need to be able to toggle traits/weapon upgrades.