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No uber doomskulls?

I expected to see uber doomskulls to make a comeback after Lycan gems have been removed.
I haven’t seen any drop yet, has anyone else? Am I just wrong? What about people missing the achievement?


Same expectation here :face_with_monocle:

There’s a troop scheduled for Oct 1st, as per Taransworld:

Archproxy Yvendra (Mythic)

Weave of Doom: Create 3 Yellow Gems. Then convert all Yellow Gems to Uber Doomskulls. Curse, Web, and Poison the strongest Enemy.

Trait #3: Doom of Arachnaea: Conjure an Uber Doomstorm when an Enemy dies.

Uber doomskulls are 1 type of heroic gem. Lycanthropy heroic gems were tied into the last campaign and uber doomskulls will probably be tied into a future campaign. I don’t think it will be the next campaign though.

That’s my understanding any way

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Next campaign!