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New Minigame - challenges

bear with me, I’m trying to organize my thoughts on this one…
The basic premise here is that you’ll have the ability to pick from 3 challenges (like the opponents in PVP), easy, medium, hard. In each challenge you have a specific goal, and your team is predetermined. If you meet the goal and lose the match, you lose. If you win the match and don’t meet the goal, you could win the match rewards (souls, gold, etc), but not the challenge rewards.
I’m envisioning challenges something like
match five gems twenty times - team with no gem manipulators
survive 1000 total damage - team with healing troops
kill your opponents in reverse order - team that creates skulls
I’m sure others can come up with tons of scenarios.
The hard ones should be really hard though, to make them worthwhile. It should feel like a real accomplishment and cause you to really analyze the board and choose moves carefully.
I know it would take a little work as it’s not as simple as hitting the button and popping into a game (also, it would be good to see your challenge stat being tracked as you play), but I think it offers a ton of replayability and new ones could be added all the time.


Seems interesting, i would play this mini game.

Sounds original indeed. I’d play definitely.


Back to the topic, I like your idea! I’d play it, too =)