Challenges Reignited

Had a thought about the Challenges system which basically is a mechanic that’s done once it’s completed once.

Why not permit continuous run-throughs with varying rewards and perhaps limits for restraining a potential farming hack? Since it’s already there, there’s not much work that needs to be done to add more gameplay options.

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I’d say this is inevitable as they run out of original ideas to implement. If they tied scarce resources to it - writs, forge scrolls - it could even be an alternative to explore medal farming that would get played a lot.


I mean, the funny thing is that you used to be able to play through them continuously using the old difficulty system (Easy → Warlord IV) until they reworked it, added more levels and rewards, but removed any replayability.


Ya… that’s what I was thinking. With all the additional orbs, while some of them are useless - like ingot orbs - we need to see either an upgrade to loot in the vault (ie: drop loot like minor traitstones) or an alternative method of collecting what we need.

Ya. They could add higher levels to beat… and a replay feature like Explore where you can choose what level you want to play at.

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Higher tiers (up to XV? XX?) could DEFINITELY be viable. Any team that can defeat high-level cpus is probably already something that scales by enemy stats (Charm, Mang, etc) or ignores stats entirely (Zuul’Goth, Dragon’s Eye, etc).

Heck, let there be tiers all the way up to Lv.500 for that matter.
Add new material rewards (Mythstones, Celestial Traitstones, Cursed Runes, Dragonite, etc) to the higher tiers and that would DEFINITELY attract attention. They’re all still one-time rewards anyway…

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You’d probably have to pay gems to unlock those higher reward tiers, in quantities that exceed the total value of the rewards.

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