New minigame idea: a gauntlet


An idea for a new minigame: The Gauntlet

  • player chooses a team, there should be minimal restrictions
  • play against randomly selected teams, one after another, until the original team is wiped out

Rewards and opponent teams are chosen based on global usage frequency

  • use a rare combination of troops, or ‘weak’ troops? Higher reward. Encourages people to innovate and/or succeed with ‘weak’ troops
  • survive longer? higher reward. Log-scale or cap the rewards to prevent abuse, while increasing difficulty of opponents
  • opponent troops are chosen based on global usage frequency as well, starting low and increasing. Assuming players naturally use ‘stronger’ troops as they become available, this should correspond with an increasing level of difficulty.

The system becomes self-correcting

  • as matches are played, the troop usage frequencies equilibrate
  • statistics show which troops have favorable win-frequencies against specific troop combinations, which can help to further tailor difficulty.


So… basically an enhanced Arena then.


And you don’t Heal between fights, or at least limited healing.
Otherwise it wouldn’t be a gauntlet.

This of course would raise the status of the +life +armor troops/items significantly.


Of course, no healing. The rewards are also greater if health and armor enhanced troops are not used.

Maybe an option to turn off different bonuses for extra rewards, like a more tunable version of the difficulty setting.


as you go through teams, the difficulty goes up until eventually you are at warlord 4. Maybe every 4th team it increases.

I would pay the Heck out of this, especially if the rewards were at a minimum on par with pvp.


Yes, please! I’ve seen this in a few other games and it’s traditional referred to as “Survival Mode”. I’ve always loved it. One of the cool things is that it makes you rethink the meta and troops you didn’t necessarily use before suddenly find value.


Precisely why the rewards should incentivize unusual troop combinations.

The devs could publish stories about particularly heroic gauntlet runs.

About the tunable difficulty - I find the jumps between the higher difficulty levels extreme. Maybe players could exchange traits, or troop type bonuses, or mastery bonuses, for additional rewards without outright multiples of the enemy stats.