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New Lady may be OP?

Her health gift may be a little much lol

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They test this stuff?

“working as intended” :grinning:

If you have EVERYTHING maxed, I believe it’s 16. But honestly it didn’t feel too bad during testing. When you’re dealing with really big numbers at that end of the game, it felt reasonable to us.


Team her with Yasmines chalice, naga queen and Valkyrie.

Then tell me what the team health is. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::metal:

Honestly that’s exactly what it looks like on paper, but I guess we’ll see. TBD. If anyone wanted a blue mana generator and didn’t care about souls, this is it.

I’ve got 14 base life on mine and I have all the magic kingdoms maxed out…

Add Nature Spirit for +1 on that team. I can only assume Soothsayer has been cast in that image, to bump it up to 16.

Its not too much - Naga Queen has 12 base for comparison (again, for me) with a 3:1 ratio on transformed gems, which could average 15 easily. And its not like we’ve had a surge of complaints about that troop in the months she’s been in the game.

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Mixed views… That’s a LOT of life gain with a LOT of gems made… I think probably the gem making needs to drop slightly…

The life gain is less scary: just gaining a ton of life doesn’t win you the game quickly. Worth exploring any good combos to use that life power… Bul’Tauros? Not great… Hmmmmm anything else? Sac Priest? Death?

On the other hand, Shadow Hunter…

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She is like a reverse bat. I like her where she is at.

A “tab” ???

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That makes no sense… It would if bat also removed blue and green gems… Which would be very cool, and overpowered…

The average match I do with a Lady Anariel wins just as quick as many of my other fast teams, but still gets 150-300 HP on all troops. Devour and Deathmark are the only things that slow it down from being unkillable.

I think it should be more like the Chalice from the kingdom. Half the magic, but make her do HP and Armor.

Now that I think about it, this does break the rule of having Nature/etc Spirit on an AOE troop…

Since when was that a rule? also how is it worse than having Arcane on an AOE troop (Mab)?


Depends on how you describe “remove.” If it was “destroy” then you get mana from that. If it “exploded” the gems then that is a lot of mana. If it was “remove” then they are removed from the board for no mana generation. Of those remove it the worst unless you are mana blocking. You are however right in the fact that it is not an exact opposite of bat.

Its not. Its just almost as bad because it can add +4 instantly to otherwise balanced numbers.

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