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Fight or end :)

I’m in the process :sunglasses:
I dont now what to do :smiley:
what do You think :slight_smile: ?

I wait few minutes on replies :rofl:


Looks like a lost cause, you probably won’t be able to outdamage Lady Anariel and Skadi with the troops you’ve got left. Feel free to trade blows for some more time, it’s pretty much a stalemate that will end up with you retreating though.

38 min later20180128133409_1

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Amazing, that Lady Anariel must have been seriously slacking. Now you just need to outpace Skadi, that’s a lot easier.

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Go! Go! Go!!!


Wow! Now pray for no “This battle is over, you have been redirected to the world map” message once you have finished your fight! :laughing:

1h 38 min later :smiley: 20180128142249_1


It’s in the bag!!

Insert “You can do it!” Meme here!!!


So what’s the result?


PLease tell me you got a SS of the Victory!!!???


Is he still going? Lol.

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What determination! I’m crossing my hooves for you!


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Hope it was a happy end. Now - can someone explain me such high stats? How I can boost my troops’ stats dramatically? I’m aware of Mythic level, kingdoms’ bonuses (at kingdom level 10) and team bonuses (class and kingdom dependent). Anything else? How for example Magic of TDS (or Lady Anariel, or Queen Mab) can be raised to 20? 30?

You finally gave up… right?..RIGHT???

Weekly buffs (e.g. +10% to all Fey), guild statues (e.g. +2 Magic for all purple tasks completed), traits (e.g. Blessed, Ice Aura, Arcane), spell effects (e.g. Cheers!, Wizz-Bang, Sun and Moon).

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after 3,5h I ended, I was close to win(skadi was have c.a. 200 life/ My Dragons 1000/1000 life and armor and c.a. 400Magic :smiley: ) but I musnt ended because I have family and private life :slight_smile: Game it only game nothing more :sunglasses:


That is awesome that you put in 3.5 hrs on one fight, and curse life for ruining your inevitable victory!

@Saltypatra or @Ozball can we throw @Terrorist a bone for a 3.5 hr fight that resulted in no resource gain, maybe a special dev code like TERRORISTFTW??

Just a thought… :wink:

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That’s a lot of dediction and patience still and a model example who takes challenges to another level :blush:

It’s a big applause from me :clap::clap:

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That’s the best time to have a devour troop, even if it’s just a 5% chance.

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