Loving the Naga Queen

Thank goodness my wife clued me in that there were two different reward packs this week, because the Naga Queen is awesome!

For quite a while now I’ve been relying on my control team on offense, pretty much because my other strong teams all got nerfed too badly. This team is Eternal Flame, Valkyrie, Alchemist, and Banshee; it’s effective and generates a lot of maps, but it’s poor on mana usage because it has no blue or green.

With the Naga Queen, I was able to swap her out for the Valkyrie. I get fewer souls that way, but now I have full mana coverage and the team runs faster, plus NQ can keep my guys in play longer with the life boost. I’m thinking of switching out the Alchemist for Sheggra next, to see how that plays. My goal would be less to generate maps and more to dominate.

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Why not changing the hero for Naga Queen instead of switching out Valkyrie?

  • All mana coverage
  • Alchemist feeds Valk and Banshee
  • Valk feeds Naga and sets up the board for Banshee
  • Banshee fills Alchemist and Valk + sets up the board for Naga
  • Naga also fills Alchemist and Valk

Seems much stronger and produce souls.
As for swapping Alchemist for Sheggra… Well, you would need much more changes : Alchemist is core in this composition as it is now (only he feeds Banshee that is the only reliable source of damage). Getting him out surely means getting Banshee out.

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Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock!


Try this:
Only try it if you have Moloch fully traited, and then watch your opponents stats melting :slight_smile:

Thank you for that suggestion. This made all the difference in making my control team more competitive, and the control team is the only way I can win anymore since the STUPID STUPID decision to turn off the combo breaker in ranked PVP.

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It is turned of still?! I have not had any trouble but then again my team is currently my defence team.